Your Guide to Snow Blower Maintenance

by:Jiali     2020-08-18
As our winters seem to get hit with more and more snow fall each the need for a snow blower becomes almost a necessity. Anyone who has ever shoveled a driveway knows that not only does it take a long time to shovel a long driveway, but it is quite tiresome and can lead to a nagging back injury. Those of us who own a snow blower never want to go back to the old method of manual shoveling of the snow. While a snow blower is an expensive item, proper maintenance and care of it will make it a great investment that can last for many years.
Just like your lawn mower, any type of snow throwing machine or a blower should be maintained on a yearly basis. Reading the manual that comes with this device and some basic mechanical knowledge will keep this device running smoothly and efficiently no matter what the outside conditions may be. If you happen to have a blower that has chains, make sure you keep these properly lubed and have extras in a safe place just in case of an emergency. Another good idea is to always check the rubber on the auger, because with too much space in between could cause a major malfunction of the blower.
The key is to provide maintenance to the snow blower as directed in the user guide and to always clean and check all bolts and parts before the winter hits in your area. Remember that these devices will be sitting out for 6 or more months at a time and it is necessary to make sure that it is in full working condition before a big snow fall hits your area. Always have enough gas and oil available and make sure to start it up every few weeks year around and let it run for a few minutes, just to avoid any starting problems.
Always keep a few extra spark plugs handy as they are often one of the first parts of the snow machine to break down. Be sure to follow the directions exactly when it comes to the amount of oil and gas that you can use together, because often times this can cause major damage to your device.
In the event of a major malfunction, check on the internet or use your local yellow pages to find a tool or body shop that specializes in snow blower repair and maintenance. Many times if you go to these places when the weather is warm they will often have snow blowers at deep discounted prices for you to purchase.
Having a snow machine is one of the best investments that you can make if you live in any climate with heavy snow fall. Just like any other gas powered machine, proper maintenance and upkeep of your snow blower will keep it working for many years to come.
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