Year Round Tips for Great Looking Lawns and Protecting

by:Jiali     2020-07-17
For homeowners who take the effort to care for their lawns, you might have noticed how the grass on your lawn tends to lose its vibrant green colour during the summer season; and often, the lack of nitrogen is the strongest cause among several other possibilities. The lack of nitrogen can be from the kind of fertilizer you are using; a quick release fertilizer may have that outcome and not be such a good product to use when you are concerned with grass care. When fertilizing your lawn or backyard, it might be a good idea to work with a slow release nitrogen fertilizer instead; applying it during the earliest few days of the growing season and watering the area properly. Doing so will ensure that your lawn or your backyard is always healthy. It will also help to check out weather forecasts before you do utilize the fertilizer, since a sudden onset of rain will wash away any fertilizer you put in your lawn, washing it away even before it had done your lawn any good.
For those who use a Lawn mower, always adhere to the one third rule in lawn mowing, most notably during the hot summer months. The one third rule is about you not cutting more than a third from the grass blades because leaving it just a little bit longer is helpful in providing the crown of the grass, as well as the soil, with much needed shade - this way, you can avoid having your grass burned. You also need to make sure that the blades on your petrol lawnmower or push lawnmower - whichever one you are using - are kept sharp just before you cut the grass, this way, you can keep your grass in decent condition because it will be cut correctly and not torn away from its crown, which is a big NO in proper lawn care. Because of this you need to make sure that your lawnmower is kept within your garage or shed, or anywhere it will not be drenched by rain and cause the blades to rust.
It is always better to maintain a carpet like grass, where your children can enjoy playing around in. In case you encounter an infestation of insects in your garden or your lawn, there are several highly useful chemicals available in stores and online gardening stores that you can buy and use. Make sure that you read product reviews first or ask the advice of skilled gardeners regarding any products you can use; soon enough, you will find yourself enjoying looking at a backyard and lawn that is healthy and rich in vibrant colours.
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