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1.Why us and the advantage of us?

Since 1991 we start to design and produce small gasoline engine for bicycle, our factory have more than 20 years experience, and is the pioneer in this field.

We abide by strict quality control assurance measures and use the highest quality material so that we can make certain that each of our customers get only the best!

2.How long is the delivery time?

7-30 working days according to the order and production schedule.

3.What packing of bicycle engine kit?

A: All complete kit in one carton

B: one box for engine only, one box for gas tank only, one box for other accessories, then three boxes packed in one carton.

4.What type engine we have for bicycle installing.

-2 stroke 48cc(50cc) and 70cc(66cc/80cc) engine kit for V Frame installing.

-Super 2 stroke 70cc(66cc/80cc) engine with internal CDI for V Frame installing.

-4 stroke 49cc engine kit for V Frame installing.

-4 stroke 33cc engine kit for V frame installing and behind installing. We are now design new transmission case and install tool for this engine.