Why is the filing of chain saw chains so important?

by:Jiali     2020-06-11
In garden tools, what we generally refer to as chain saw accessories are crankshafts, chain saw chains, pistons, air filters, cylinders, crankcases, silencers, high-pressure bags, magnetic flywheels, etc. Chain saw chain is a riveted chain formed by saw teeth, transmission chain, connecting piece and chain shaft. After the chain saw works for a period of time, the tooth edge becomes blunt and the cutting efficiency should be reduced. For filing, standard chains should be filed every 4 hours, and poor quality chains should be filed more often. The quality of the filing is a great influence on the service life of the chain, the normal use of the chain saw and the level of sawmill productivity. When filing, the standard of the angle is difficult to grasp. Generally, it can be measured according to the triangle ruler. It is better if there is an angle gauge. Generally, experienced oil sawmen grasp the appropriate angle according to the size of the sawtooth climbing edge, and quickly improve the quality of the filed chain by mastering the rules of the chain saw filing the chain. The tooth height of the saw tooth is related to the service life of the chain, so do not file hard when filing the chain, file a thin layer of metal, especially the back edge of the edge, do not often file, or do not file, otherwise it will cause teeth The height and the amount of material removed quickly decrease, and the chain saw chain will soon be scrapped. To make the tooth height, material width and climbing edge of the saw chain filed very well, you must first try the filed saw chain. After you saw the wood, you need to file and find it again if it is uneven. The filing of the chain saw chain can be filed by hand using a file, or it can be filed using a file sawing machine. In order to reduce the consumption of manpower and improve the efficiency and quality of the file chain, it is necessary to widely promote the use of file saw machinery. Commonly used manual files mainly include plate files, knife files and round files. Plate files and file files are commonly used files for straight tooth chains. Round files are mainly used to file universal chains. The tooth warehouse of straight tooth chains is best used Round files come in, triangle files are not commonly used. When filing, the file must be held firmly, the wrist should be firm, and the eye can see the tip of the saw. Before carrying out the file saw, first put the file on the saw tooth, push it up diagonally from the bottom of the tooth bin, and cannot lift the file backward, so as not to damage the file, the slope of the file should be consistent, and the file surface should be replaced at any time to avoid overheating And damage the file. Generally, in order to ensure the file quality of chain saw chains, some chain saws are provided with various special tools for users at the time of sale, such as the 'chain inspection gauge' attached to the Krip chain saw, which can be used to check the limited teeth and level. The height difference of the blade and the various angle elements of the sawtooth can also clean the saw plate groove and the lubricating oil hole by using the tip of the difficult chain gauge. In addition to the filing of the chain, the tension of the chain must also be checked frequently. The new saw chain needs to be tightened more frequently than the chain that has been in use for a long time. Generally, in the cold state, the chain is engaged on the lower side of the guide plate, but it can still be pulled along the guide plate by hand, which means that the tension is correct. After reaching the operating temperature, the chain expands and begins to relax. The transmission links on the lower side of the guide plate are not allowed to come out of the guide groove, otherwise the chain will fall off, and if necessary, tighten the chain again. When the temperature is lowered, the chain will shrink. At this time, the chain should be loosened, otherwise the crankshaft and bearings will be damaged. As an important accessory for garden machinery chain saws, it is very important for the chain saw to maintain the chain.
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