Why Is It Better to Have An Automatic Lawnmower

by:Jiali     2020-07-23
A mulching Lawn mower is preferable to a non-mulching lawn mower because the clippings are not collected and taken away but fall onto the lawn between the grass and rot down to provide nutrients. This means that the lawn will not need fertilising. However, both of these are inferior to an automatic lawn mowing system as this is also a mulcher, but with a difference.
The disadvantage of having a mulching lawn mower has always been the frequency that the lawn has to be cut. If it is not mown at least once a week and more often than that when the grass is growing fast, the clippings become too long and just lie on top of the lawn once cut. This does not happen with an automatic lawn mower because the tiny mulchings fall onto the lawn and then rot down to provide the nutrients that the lawn needs thus eliminating any need for further dressing.
With an automatic lawn mower the grass is cut so frequently without any human input that the clippings will be so small as to be invisible on the lawn. The robot could be programmed to mow as often as thought necessary to keep the clippings extremely short - a couple of millimetres or so. However if the lawn is only cut weekly the clippings are so long they sit on top of the lawn, turn yellow like hay and become even more visible and unsightly and they get stuck to shoes and trampled around the place by animals and people.
All this means that there are nothing but advantages to be had from installing one of these robotic systems to cut the lawn. An automatic lawn mower is that - once installed the lawn is cut automatically even on good, dry frost free days during the winter. There is no human input needed, no fossil fuel used, no space needed for storage and all these advantages result in a lawn that is automatically fertilised and cut and always looks neat, evenly green and beautiful.
All automatic lawn mowers are mulchers so there is never a need for a rotting heap of grass clippings lurking behind a hedge. A box full of lawn clippings is heavy, it is time consuming to have to keep emptying and the smell can be unpleasant. When sitting on the lawn one wants to smell the flowers, not a compost heap!
As these automatic lawn mowers come in many sizes there is one for all lawns from small suburban ones to large 4 acre ones. Why not take a look at a video which will show a robot cutting a lawn and think - 'That could be working on my lawn.'
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