Why Electric Lawnmowers Are the Right Choice

by:Jiali     2020-07-27
Choosing the right lawnmower is crucial, as you will be relying upon it to keep your beloved gardens neat and tidy for years to come. However it can be difficult to know which model is best, as there is so much choice out there; but electrical lawnmowers really are the best bet, for a number of reasons.
Firstly, price: electric lawnmowers are usually around half the price of the average rotary-petrol lawnmower; usually starting at around A�60 for a petite model. Their maintenance costs are also generally lower than other models, making them more efficient over the course of their lifetime.
Secondly, they are quieter and lighter, making them both easier to use, and less disruptive to those around you - including any fussy neighbours that don't like excessive noise.
Also, electric lawnmowers are much easier to maneuver around the garden - meaning that users are less worn-out after taking their turn, you can reach those tricky spots with ease, and they are ultimately the safer choice.
Once you've made your choice, there are some last-minute checks you should make before parting with your hard-earned cash. Make sure the model feels comfortable - check the switch and hand-grip, and that the height of the handle can be adjusted, so all members of the family can take turns in cutting the grass.
Additionally, be sure you can lift the model up; it may sound silly, but some electric models can be heavy and clunky, so it is crucial you give it a lift whilst in the store.
Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, ensure you make a decision over whether or not you opt for a corded or cordless model.
There is a slightly safety hazard with corded options, as if you mow over the cord, you could get a slight shock; however with cordless models, which run on battery, there is the added expense and uncertainty associated with using battery power - make your choice wisely.
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