Which Lawnmower?

by:Jiali     2020-07-20
The best lawn mower for you depends on the size of your lawn, the type of terrain and where it is in relation to a power outlet.
Push Lawn Mower
If you only have a small patch of grass to cut and you enjoy a bit of exercise, maybe you only need a push lawnmower - the eco choice, no power required and usually the cheapest option.
Electric Lawn Mower
For larger lawns, the most common choice is an electric lawnmower. When choosing an electric lawnmower, check out the length of the power cord supplied. Check whether you need to buy an extension (suitable for outdoor use) to reach as far as you need to mow. Battery operated or cordless lawn mowers are also available.
Petrol Lawn Mower
If an electric mower will not reach, even with an extension cord then a petrol lawn mower could be an option. The extra power of a petrol mower will make short work of even long wet grass.
Petrol mowers are available as push-type, self-propelled or sit/ride on models. For a larger lawn, choose a self-propelled version.
Be aware that like any sophisticated machine, routine servicing may be required.
Rotary Hover and Rotary Wheeled Lawnmowers
Rotary Lawnmowers use a spinning blade - either metal or tough plastic.
A hover lawnmower will cut anywhere - long grass, wet grass, uneven or steeply banked lawns. They float on a cushion of air just like a hovercraft. They are available either with or without a grass collecting box. Without a collection box, you'll have to rake up after you finish mowing.
A Rotary Lawnmower with wheels will give a neater cut than a hover mower
Cylinder Lawn Mowers
A cylinder mower will give the neatest cut to your lawn. They can struggle with long grass so are a better choice if you mow frequently. Also available with or without grass collection boxes.
Lawnmower Power Ratings
Electric lawnmower power is measured in Watts (W). Petrol lawnmower engines are measured in Cubic Centimetres (CC). The more power available, the easier the job.
Cutting Height
A wide range of cutting heights is useful at different times of the year or if you have different lawns of different qualities to mow.
Grass Collection Box
Grass collection box capacity is usually measured in Litres. A larger capacity grass box will mean fewer trips to the compost heap or bin. Some grass boxes feature a compression feature so that more clippings can be fitted in before emptying is required.
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