Which is better, two-stroke and four-stroke brush cutter?

by:Jiali     2020-06-11
The characteristics of the four-stroke lawnmower are: the machine is heavier than the two-stroke, but the performance is stable, the vibration is low during operation, the noise is low, the fuel is saved, the maintenance is good, and the wearing parts are easy to replace and repair with standard parts. Pure gasoline combustion, no need to add oil, easy to operate, longer service life than two-stroke. If you are harvesting softer crops, it is recommended that you choose a four-stroke mowing machine to harvest more neatly and better. Afterburner four-stroke lawn mower increases the wear resistance and usability of the machine, and the torque is also greater, which effectively improves the efficiency of digging, while saving manpower and saving fuel and energy. The two-stroke lawn mower is based on the principle of racing. Compared with the four-stroke model, it has the same horsepower, high power, light body and high fuel consumption. If you are cutting bushes or hard weeds, then it is recommended that you choose a two-stroke lawn mower for better use. At the same time, the two-stroke engine is used in combination with gasoline and engine oil for combustion, generally 25:1, gasoline: engine oil ratio. Two-stroke lawn mowers can work for a long time, and do not need to change the oil every time they are used like four-stroke lawn mowers, so if you want to work frequently for a long time, generally choose two-stroke lawn mowers. The lawnmower can be used in different work areas according to the user's environment. Regardless of whether you choose a two-stroke lawn mower or a four-stroke lawn mower, it is mainly based on your own situation. Choosing the right machine can bring you a lot of convenience. I hope that after all today, I will help everyone.
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