What to do if it is incomplete 4 stroke bicycle engine kits delivery?
Once customers find the quantity of the receiving goods is not consistent with the number listed on the agreed contract, please inform us immediately. We, as a professional company, have always been careful in packing the products and will check the order number again and again before delivery. We would love to provide our Customs declaration and CIP (Commodity Inspection Report) which clearly presents the number of 4 stroke bicycle engine kits after arriving at the port. If the loss of the delivered products is caused because of poor transportation condition or bad weather, we will arrange replenishment.
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Established years ago, Nantong Jiali Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Factory is now one of the most sought-after suppliers and exporters of industrial humidification. 2 stroke gas engine spare parts produced by Nantong Jiali is very popular in the market. Nantong Jiali 2 stroke gas engine spare parts is ensured to meet the safety standards for electrical products. These standards include essential operation standards and regulatory compliance marks. With motor assistance, it makes up for what riders lack in physical energy. According to the increase in quantity of 2 stroke bicycle engine kits, Nantong Jiali has decided to produce 2 stroke bicycle engine kits with 4 stroke bike motor kit. Its start mode can be customized into pedal start and hand start.

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