What Should I Know Before Buying A Snow Blower?

by:Jiali     2020-08-04
There are many things to consider when you are trying to decide which of the current snow blowers, also called snow throwers, you should purchase. The type you choose will depend a lot on whether your driveway is flat or hilly, large or small, or if your driveway is made of gravel or concrete. The severity of winters in the location you live will also be a major determining factor in what model to choose.
Let's first look at the 3 different types of snow blowers.
The first type is the 2-stage gas snow blower. These are the largest and can clear snow the fastest, sometimes having up to a 30 inch wide clearing width. The 2-stage models have a snow gathering auger, usually their own driven wheels, and an impeller inside to help disperse the snow that is picked up. The downside to these models is that they take up almost as much space as a riding lawn mower and need the same regular care and maintenance. They can be difficult to steer and are very noisy.
The second type is the single stage gas powered snow thrower. These are smaller than the 2-stage models, having about a 20 to 21 inch wide clearing width. So they take a little bit longer to clear an area. However they are lighter to push and turn than the bigger machines, and they cost less. These rely only on a rubber tipped auger to gather and disperse the snow, and to propel the machine. They require minimal maintenance and take up the same about of space as a push lawn mower.
The third type is the single stage electric snow blower. This type is even smaller, with anywhere between 11 to 18 inch wide clearing zone. These cost even less than the single stage gas blowers and they are also smaller and easier to maneuver. The electric models are also the quietest and take up the least amount of space. Being electric, they require no engine maintenance but you are limited to how close you are to an electric outlet.
So How Do I Choose?
Get a 2-stage gas blower if:
You have long, wide, hilly driveways
Regular snowfall over 8 inches
Gravel driveway must use these, the auger doesn't contact the ground
Average price range: $600-2000+
Get a single stage gas blower if:
You have a moderately sized flat and paved driveway
Your typical snowfall is under 8 inches
No gravel drive, it will pick up and throw the stones
Average price range: $300-900
Get a single stage electric snow blower if:
You have smaller, flat paved driveway or sidewalks
No gravel for these as well
Your typical snowfall is less than 6 inches
Average price range: $300-900
So that's all that you need to know to figure out which type of snow blower would be right for your situation. Now that you can determine which type would be the best snow blowers for your driveway, you need to find out the actual brand and model that you want to purchase.
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