What should I do if I encounter unexpected problems

by:Jiali     2020-06-06
is a garden machine widely used in mechanized logging operations in forest areas in my country, and the chain saw engine is also called internal combustion engine or gasoline engine. It is the main part of the power of the chain saw. It is used to generate power and drive the sawing mechanism through the transmission mechanism to saw wood. The chain saw engine is different from the engine commonly used in tractors. The chain saw engine is twice as powerful as the two-stroke engine. The chain saw engine may encounter some problems during the combustion process. Today I will mainly talk about two problems that the chain saw engine will encounter during the combustion process. 1. After engine ignition, deflagration sometimes occurs Deflagration occurs after the engine is ignited. This is an abnormal combustion. When the engine deflagrates, the flame burning speed is particularly fast, which can reach 2000-3000 meters/second, while the normal flame burning speed is 20-40 meters/second. Therefore, the temperature of the engine increases significantly, and the pressure of the cylinder also increases very much. The characteristics of deflagration are metal knocking sound in the cylinder, unstable engine operation, overheating, at the same time, the power is reduced, and black smoke is emitted from the exhaust pipe. Due to the engine deflagration, its economy deteriorates, the lubricating oil deteriorates, and even its lubricating properties are lost, which increases the wear of the bearings. Therefore, deflagration is not allowed. The main cause of engine deflagration is due to poor fuel quality or improper coordination of fuel grade and engine compression ratio. In addition, it is also related to the temperature of the engine itself, the position of the spark plug, the form of the combustion chamber, the size of the pre-ignition angle, and carbon deposits will also ignite deflagration. After deflagration occurs, the throttle valve (throttle) should be closed immediately to find out the cause and eliminate it. 2. Ignition in advance Pre-ignition means unequal ignition. The combustible mixture in the cylinder burns by itself. The reason for the pre-ignition is that the temperature in the cylinder has reached the temperature of spontaneous combustion of the fuel during the compression process, so it will burn itself without ignition. When pre-ignition occurs, the engine overheats, producing a lot of carbon deposits, and the engine works unbalanced. Earlier we talked about how to deal with engine overheating and carbon deposits. You can pay attention to our Krip oil saw to see. By analyzing and understanding the two problems of the engine in the combustion process, we can quickly understand the performance of the chain saw. Only when the performance of the machine is known and mastered can the work efficiency and quality be improved, so as to truly achieve the purpose of saving labor and reducing costs.
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