What Else Can My Riding Lawnmower Do?

by:Jiali     2020-07-24
Buying a riding lawnmower can be a big decision for homeowners due to the major price difference between them and push mowers. It all depends on your specific needs and if there are any other things you may need to accomplish other than just cutting your grass. Today's major manufacturers such as John Deere offer many different attachments that allow you to do much more with your riding mower than what you can do with a push mower. In this article we will look at what John Deere offers for their riding mowers as add-on tools.
Winter Conditions
If you live in cold climates your riding mower can take much of the stress and work away from moving fallen snow. There are several attachments that you can purchase for your mower depending on the size of the job and the size of your mower. The most common tool would be the snow plow. Varying in size you can easily attach them to the front of your machine and just simply drive while it pushes the snow to the side. On the more extreme side of snow removal John Deere offers snow blowers that you can attach to the front. Once again they are offered in different sizes to suit everyone's needs and will quickly clear snow off of any sidewalk or driveway.
Carrying and Hauling
For help with landscaping or work on the farm John Deere has many trailers, plows, and sweepers to make your life easier. The trailers hook to the hitch behind your mower and come in many sizes made of either plastic or metal and some will also tilt and dump. To help pick up leafs and grass clipping you can add a vacuum hopper onto the back to leave your lawn nice and clean with just one pass. Along with the snow plows there are also ones made for dirt/mulch all the way up to full blown tractor loaders. The hydraulic tractor loaders are only compatible with certain models but will turn your mower into a mini tractor loader. John Deere also has a pull behind plow to help complete major gardening tasks.
For more basic yard work you can get a tiller attachment or for larger gardens there are also cultivator and disc plows. They allow you to effortlessly get your soil prepared for planting anything you want. Seeding hoppers will automatically disperse your seed or fertilizer while you drive your mower instead of having to spread it by hand or with a push spreader. To keep your lawn up there are also many types of lawn aerators and sprayers available. Most of these are available in smaller sizes for homeowners all the way up to larger models for small commercial applications.
Although it will be a large purchase a riding mower has many helpful uses for anyone that enjoys keeping their outdoors nice. Besides the obvious use there are many tools that can be added onto your machine to accomplish almost anything you can think of. So remember when trying to decide whether to buy a push mower or a riding mower a riding mower can do many different jobs around your house that go way beyond what a typical mower can do as long as you have the right attachments. Initially it will cost you more but in the long run most people find that a riding mower saves them time which can be more important than money.
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