What are the methods of mowing grass

by:Jiali     2020-06-12
Because the blade is turned left, the efficient working direction is from left to right. The most efficient mowing is to cut two-thirds of the blade diameter to the weeds. Pay attention to the following aspects after the operation. 1. Make sure that the blade is completely stopped before proceeding with cleaning, maintenance and inspection. 2. Remove the spark plug wire to avoid accidental fire. 3. Store after the engine has cooled down completely. 4. If you don't need to empty the fuel tank for a few days to avoid fire due to oil leakage. 5. Spread butter on the blade when not in use for a long time to prevent the blade from rusting. 6. Wrap the blade after use to avoid inadvertently hurting others or yourself. 7. After use, the blade should be placed out of reach of children. 8. Store the machine in a cool and dry place and keep out of reach of children. 9. Replenish lubricating oil in the gear box every 25 hours or 3 days, and lubricate the inner and outer pipes. 10. Clean the air filter and spark plug every 50 hours or 8 days. 11. Clean the muffler and drum every 100 hours or 15 days. The above is an introduction to the mowing method of the lawn mower, I hope it can help everyone. You can ask us any questions about lawn mowers.
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