What are the characteristics and performance of chain saw

by:Jiali     2020-06-12
Chainsaw, abbreviation of 'petrol chain saw' or 'petrol power saw', is a power saw used for logging and timber production. Its sawing mechanism is a saw chain, and the power part is a gasoline engine. It is convenient to carry and easy to operate, but maintenance and Repair is more complicated. Today I will tell you something about chain saw. Chainsaw characteristics 1. Mainly with streamlined body design, with flat rear handle, comfortable and more humanized. 2. Using advanced technology, the noise of the whole machine is low, and the running sound is smoother. 3. Good safety, with a straight handle and a main handle at the same time, the grip is firmer. Chainsaw performance 1. Chainsaw products have many advantages, such as high power, small vibration, high cutting efficiency, low logging cost, etc., and have become the leading hand-held logging machinery in my country's forest areas. 2. Chain saw damping system adopts spring and high strength damping rubber to dampen. The sprocket is in the form of spur teeth, which makes the assembly chain more concise and convenient. 3. Excellent and reliable electric fire device, the oil supply system adopts adjustable oil pump. 4. Afterburner chain saw can also be engaged in pruning large trees, taking wood from large materials, and emergency rescue. The use of chain saw It is used for forest harvesting, timber production, branching, etc. as well as timber storage timber production, railway sleeper saw cutting and other operations.
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