What are main products for Nantong Jiali to export?
Nantong Jiali Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Factory has obtained the export license for high table strapping machine. This product already sells well domestically and also has a good chance of selling well in international markets. It provides a certain appeal because of unique features that seem common here while might be considered a novelty in other countries. In order to market this product on the international market more successfully, we have realized flexibility. We will evaluate the target market and try to modify specifications to match the standards of that country or region, hence achieving some degree of adaptation and localization of this product.
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The quality and quantity of production of Nantong Jiali are at the leading level in China. The 48cc silver bicycle engine kits series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. The design of Nantong Jiali 4 stroke bike motor kit has been upgraded by our strong R&D team. It allows steady riding in strong winds. The popularity of this product among customers is increasing and has no sign of slow down. With a reasonable fuel ratio, it needs less than double the amount of oil to run properly.

By providing high quality products and services for our customers, Nantong Jiali brings increased value to our customers. Inquire now!

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