Wear Safety Equipment When Using Chain Saws

by:Jiali     2020-04-25
There are a number of reasons an individual may find having their own chain saw useful. Even small electric saws are capable of doing wood-cutting jobs around the home and can be of use to a homeowner. For example, by having the appropriate equipment, a homeowner may be able to avoid the expense of having to hire an outside source to do certain types of chores, such as cleaning up after a storm. For safe operation of chain saws, every operator should employ the use of the following safety equipment: Goggles Also called safety glasses, goggles are an important piece of equipment. A small chunk or sliver of wood can become embedded in the eye very easily and can cause serious damage. Even a minor injury to the eye can be quite painful and is easily prevented by investing in a pair of quality safety glasses. Ear Protection To protect against damage to the hearing, some form of ear protection should be worn by anyone operating a chain saw. This protection can be in the form of ear plugs, which can be purchased very inexpensively, or more expensive earmuffs, which cover the entire outside of the ear. Gloves It is also important to protect the hands from dangerous cuts by wearing gloves which are made of protective fabric and which are specifically designed to provide protection against a running saw chain. Hard Hats Although a hard hat can protect an operator from falling objects, such as small tree limbs, it is unlikely to provide much protection in the event of a saw 'kick back.' Because of the protection it does provide, however, wearing a hard hat is recommended. Chaps A quick slip with a running saw and the operator can suffer serious damage to the leg. A good pair of chaps can prevent serious injury from occurring and should always be worn. A quality pair of chaps may consist of several layers Kevlar, or some other material, which has been tested and proven to be able to stop a running saw. Saws operate at different speeds and because of that, the buyer should take the advice of a professional as to which chaps provide the best protection against the speed of the saw they are purchasing. Boots A well-constructed pair of boots, preferably equipped with steel toes, can provide protection to the feet in the event of a mishap that sends a running saw in the direction of the operator's feet. Boots that lace up or otherwise extend above the wearer's feet at least six inches from the heel provide the best protection.
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