Use and maintenance of chain saw

by:Jiali     2020-06-13
Afterburner chain saw is a two-stroke power, attention should be paid to the power, cutting tools, etc. in use, to ensure the normal use of the machine: the engine is a two-stroke engine, the fuel is a mixture of gasoline and engine oil, and the mixture ratio is: JASO FC grade for cold two-stroke engine oil: gasoline = 1:50 (JASO FB grade for air-cooled two-stroke engine oil: gasoline = 1:25). The gasoline is above 90, and the oil is air-cooled two-stroke oil. The symbol is 2T. You must use brand-name special oil. Kerip imported fully synthetic 2T oil. Welcome to buy it. The use of four-stroke oil or water-cooled two-stroke oil is strictly prohibited. It is recommended that the new machine be equipped with 1:40 (JASO FB grade oil 1:20) in the first 30 hours, and 1:50 (JASO FB grade oil 1:25) after 30 hours. Ordinary engine oil 1:25), otherwise the concentration is too thin will cause the machine to pull the cylinder. Please distribute the oil strictly according to the oil distribution pot attached to the machine. The mixed oil is best to be used now. It is strictly forbidden to use the mixed oil for a long time; before the machine works, run it at a low speed for a few minutes, see the lubricating saw chain oil, and form an oil line. . After working a box of oil, you should rest for 10 minutes, clean the loose gasket of the machine after each work to ensure heat dissipation; remove the spark plug every 25 hours of use, use a wire brush to remove the dust on the electrode, adjust the electrode gap to 0.6 [1]-0.7mm is better; every 25 hours of air filter to remove dust, dust should be more frequent. The foam filter element is cleaned with gasoline or washing liquid and clean water, squeezed to dry, then soaked in engine oil, and then squeezed out of excess engine oil to install. Every 50 hours of use of the muffler, remove the muffler and clean the carbon deposits on the exhaust port and muffler outlet. The fuel filter (suction head) removes impurities every 25 hours. When using the new part of the cutter, pay attention to the tightness of the saw chain to drive the saw chain to rotate. Use a hand-held saw chain with the guide teeth parallel to the guide plate. After a few minutes of use, pay attention to tighten the saw chain again. Before safe operation, no people or animals are allowed to walk within 20 meters. Be sure to check the grass for debris such as angle iron, stones, etc., and remove the debris on the grass. During storage, the body must be cleaned, the mixed fuel should be released, and the fuel in the carburetor should be burned off. Remove the spark plug, add 1-2ml of two-stroke oil to the cylinder, pull the starter 2-3 times, and install the spark plug. Precautions 1. The recommended mixing ratio of fuel is 50:1 to 25:1 (must be mixed with high-quality air-cooled two-stroke oil). 10%~30% diesel (fire oil or light oil) should be added to the lubricating oil of the saw chain ) Mix before use to ensure proper concentration. The proportion should be determined by the amount of oil sprayed from the saw chain and the degree of addition, but it should be within the range of 10% to 30%. 2. The rotation speed at idle speed should be adjusted according to the actual situation of the machine. The idle speed range is generally: 2800~3500 rpm. It should be noted that because of the safety of use, the machine's idle speed should be less than 1.25 times the machine's clutch speed ( The engine speed at the start of the saw chain). Generally, two-stroke mechanical fuels are mixed with steam engine oil (the engine oil is special-purpose engine oil for two-stroke engines). The ratio is standard, the ratio of steam engine oil is about 25:1, depending on the use, if it is not used for a long time At high speed, the concentration can be appropriately increased. If the high-speed rotation is often maintained during use, the concentration should be appropriately reduced and more oil should be placed to ensure the normal lubrication of the running parts inside the cylinder. The carbon deposits in the channel can prevent the carbon deposits from entering the cylinder block too much and causing the cylinder to pull. Troubleshooting ⒈If there is a phenomenon that the oil saw is turned off, the work is not so strong, the heating machine is overheated, etc., it is generally the problem of the filter. Therefore, before working, the filter needs to be inspected. The clean and qualified filter should be observed through the sunlight and should be thorough and bright, otherwise it is unqualified. When the filter of the chain saw is not clean enough, it should be washed and dried with hot soapy water. A clean filter can ensure the normal use of the chain saw. ⒉When the saw teeth of the chain saw become unsharp, you can use a special file to rest the teeth of the saw chain to ensure the sharpness of the saw teeth. At this time, it should be noted that when the file is used, it must be set in the direction of the cutting tooth, and it should not be reversed. At the same time, the angle between the file and the chain saw chain should not be too large, it is preferably 30 degrees. ⒊Before using the chain saw, the chain saw chain oil should be added. The advantage of this is that it can provide lubrication for the chain saw, reduce the frictional heat of the chain saw and the chain saw guide plate, and protect the guide plate. The chain saw chain can be protected from premature scrapping. ⒋After the use of the chain saw, the chain saw should also be maintained, so that the next time the chain saw is used, the work efficiency can be guaranteed. The first is to remove impurities in the oil inlet hole and guide plate groove of the root of the chain saw to ensure the smoothness of the oil inlet hole. Secondly, the debris should also be cleared in the head of the guide, and a few drops of oil should be added.
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