Tips on the use of lawn mower weeding

by:Jiali     2020-06-14
Weeder, also known as lawn mower, lawnmower, lawn trimmer, etc., is a mechanical tool used to trim lawns, vegetation, etc. It is controlled by cutter head, engine, walking wheel, walking mechanism, blade, handrail, etc. Partly composed. Developing agricultural mechanization, improving work efficiency, and improving agricultural production efficiency are extremely important in a large agricultural country like ours. As a tool that plays an important role in agricultural production, the lawnmower has the most direct impact on the yield of crops. Its invention is a great advancement of human civilization. In countries where animal husbandry mechanization is highly developed, research on new lawnmowers is developing in the direction of high speed and energy saving. In the traditional agricultural production process, weeding is a major task of field management. Common cultivation management measures for removing weeds include plowing, plowing, and hand pulling. Although the emergence of herbicides solved some of the weeding problems, cultivating is still a necessary measure for field management, because the main purpose of cultivating in addition to weeding has many functions. For example, it can loosen topsoil, increase soil aeration, increase ground temperature, promote aerobic microbial activity and nutrient availability, promote root extension, and regulate soil moisture. Traditional plowing mostly adopts artificial plowing methods, although the accuracy is high, but the work efficiency is low, so the emergence of some small lawn mowers helps farmers reduce the labor burden of plowing. In the process of using the lawn mower, you should pay attention to the following techniques. Better improve work efficiency and extend the service life of agricultural machinery. Before weeding: Before weeding, debris in the weeding area should be removed to avoid damage to the grass head and blade. When the engine is started in the cold state, the damper should be closed first, and then the damper should be opened in time after starting. If the turf area is too large, the continuous working time of the mower should not exceed 4 hours. After weeding: The lawn mower should be thoroughly cleaned, especially the debris on the radiator should be carefully cleaned. The flying grass debris adheres to the radiator, affecting its heat dissipation function. In severe cases, it will cause cylinder pulling and damage the engine. Check whether the blade is damaged, whether the screws are tightened, and whether the vulnerable parts need to be repaired, so that the service life of the agricultural machine can be extended. In addition, the small backpack mower is generally suitable for 10-13 cm of weeds. If the weeds are too long, it is best to cut the upper part first and then the lower part. In the process of using, opening the medium-speed throttle and advancing at a constant speed can save fuel consumption and improve work efficiency.
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