Three daily maintenance of chain saw

by:Jiali     2020-06-14
Chainsaw is a commonly used logging machine and garden machinery in my country, especially in the northeast forest area. It has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use, reliable work and durability. The maintenance methods of Krip oil saw mainly include the following methods: 1. Daily maintenance: (1) After the daily work, clean the dust and oil from the outside of the chain saw. Clean the air cleaner screen. (2) Clean and file the saw chain, and store it in lubricating oil, and clean out the sawdust and dirt in the saw guide groove. (3) Remove the sawdust and dirt between the fan air filter and the heat sink to ensure the cooling air is smooth. (4) Check the oil circuit, eliminate oil leakage and air leakage, and refuel. (5) Check the tightening screws of each part and tighten the screws 2. 50-hour maintenance: (1) Complete daily maintenance items. (2) Clean the fuel tank and engine oil tank with gasoline, and check the oil pipe and filter screen. Let out the sediment in the carburetor. (3) Remove the spark plug and use a copper wire brush to remove the carbon deposit, and then clean it. Check and adjust the spark plug electrode gap. When replacing the spark plug, the sealing gasket must be installed. (4) Check the status and gap of platinum contacts. Contact burn-in needs to be corrected with a platinum file to keep it clean. If the gap is not correct, adjust it. (5) Remove the air duct and cylinder cover, and remove the sawdust and dirt inside and between the fins. Clean the clutch and remove the muffler deposits. (6) Add grease to the reducer to keep it at 30-50 grams. Inject 8-10 grams of engine oil into the oil filling hole behind the drive sprocket. (7) Remove the dual-mode carburetor, check and clean the one-way intake valve, and replace it with a new one if damaged. (8) Remove the fan wheel with a special tool, and check whether the platinum bottom plate screws are loose. 3. 100-hour maintenance: (1) Complete the 50-hour maintenance project. (2) Remove the carburetor and clean it completely. (3) Remove the cylinder and remove the carbon deposits in the combustion chamber, piston, piston ring, exhaust hole, etc. When removing the carbon deposit, it cannot be scraped off with a scraper to avoid damaging the metal surface. Check whether the chrome plating on the inner wall of the cylinder is worn away. (4) Clean the inside of the crankcase. (5) Remove the silencer and wash it in water with caustic soda. (6) Clean the needle roller bearings of the clutch and the needle roller bearings in the starter, and add grease. In addition, if you do not use the machine for a long time in the future, you must remember to get the oil out of the fuel tank and start the machine to burn the carburetor and cylinder oil to prevent the residual oil from clogging the carburetor. Usually clean the air filter, the lubricating oil must be used with better lubricating effect.
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