The difference between brush cutter blade and grass head

by:Jiali     2020-06-08
The grass head is a rotating mechanism of the lawn mower, including a grip, a handle, and a grass head that is rotatably mounted on the inner ring groove at the end of the handle. The inner ring groove is provided with a limit gear I and a limit gear II. It is equipped with a limit block I that rotates 90° relative to the limit gear I and a limit block II that rotates 90° relative to the limit gear II. Under the action of the limit block and the limit gear, it is set on the lawn mower through operation The pressing block on the handle drives the conjoined clamping block on the pressing block to movably lock the two gears on the grass head, so that the mower achieves the purposes of conventional grass cutting and edge cutting. Grassing can effectively cut weeds in small corners. It is convenient and labor-saving. Compared with the type of grass head and the environment in which we want to work, different types of grass heads will appear. From the point of view of the installation blade of the machine, the lawn mower is usually equipped with a single-blade or multi-blade or multi-tooth blade to perform the mowing operation. The material of the blade is made of high-speed carbon steel and spring steel (65Mn manganese steel), but the material of manganese steel generally does not meet the safety requirements (international standards). The blade of the lawn mower is generally made of nylon material, and the nylon rope is rotated at high speed to cut the grass. The material of the nylon rope has good flexibility, and is cut by high-speed centrifugal force to achieve the grass cutting effect. In general, the thickness of the rope is preferably 2-2.5mm for the thickness of the grass. Brush cutter blade and grass head The working parts that can be installed in the brush cutter include blades and grass heads, which drive the working parts to rotate at high speed to complete the grass cutting operation. Grass head The installation of nylon grass rope is mainly used for trimming tender grass and medium-density grassland in the terrain and slopes that cannot be reached by brush cutter blades. A lawn mower must have a suitable mowing head to match it in order to maximize its work. blade 1. Two-tooth blade It is often used to trim artificially long grass and barren grass, not to cut shrubs. 2. Three-tooth blade Commonly used for cutting, cleaning up barren grass, semi-wood grass, and cutting barren shrubs no more than 1 cm in diameter. 3. Multi-tooth blade (also known as saw blade) Commonly used to harvest rice, barley, hemp, beans, rape, corn, barley, prunella, Lysimachia, alfalfa and other crops. 4. Multi-tooth alloy blade (also known as alloy saw blade) It is suitable for cutting shrubs, mulberry branches, and tea branches with a diameter of no more than 6 cm to open up barren mountains. Auxiliary parts: grass picker and grass collector (also called rice-bearing device). It is often used to arrange the harvested rice, wheat and other crops neatly to complete the operation more efficiently. Operate according to the instructions of the machine. If you don't understand it, go to the after-sales machine to find a professional to operate, otherwise it will affect the normal operation of the machine. Today, I mainly talked about the characteristics of the grass head and the blade of the brush cutter. I hope that I can help you better understand the lawn mower.
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