The best adjustment method of chain saw carburetor

by:Jiali     2020-06-15
Whether the adjustment of the chain saw carburetor is accurate often affects the performance of the chain saw's power, discharge, and overturning. The following will introduce how to use the tachometer to adjust the carburetor of the chain saw correctly, and make it achieve the best match with the chain saw: (Tools: tachometer, special screwdriver for chain saw) 1. Warm up the engine for 3 minutes, adjust the H needle so that the high-speed engine speed is 11200~11500rpm; 2. Adjust the L needle to the highest idling speed (domestic 45/58 chain saw idling highest point is usually 4900~5100rpm, if it exceeds or falls below 4900~5100rpm, directly adjust it to 4900~5100rpm with T needle); 3. After confirming that the highest point of idle speed is 4900~5100rpm, reverse the L needle about 2000rpm counterclockwise to make the idle speed between 2900~3100rpm; 4. Increase the throttle to the maximum, let go of the throttle after about 5 seconds, and fine-tune the T needle to ensure that the idle speed is: 3000~3200rpm; 5. Increase the throttle to the maximum, adjust the H needle to make the high-speed speed between 11200~11500rpm, and continue to supply oil for 30 seconds to 1 minute; 6. Release the throttle and refuel, fine-tune the H needle to confirm that the high-speed speed can be stabilized at 11200~11500rpm; 7. Make sure that the idle speed is 3000~3200rpm, turn the engine up, down, left and right by 90 degrees and do not turn off the engine;
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