Start of gasoline lawn mower (brush cutter)

by:Jiali     2020-06-08
The lawnmower is developing agricultural mechanization, improving work efficiency, and improving agricultural production efficiency. In a large agricultural country like us, it is important. As a tool that plays an important role in agricultural production, the lawnmower has the most direct impact on the output of crops. The invention is a great progress of human civilization. The use of gasoline lawn mowers is becoming more and more common, so what should I do if there is a problem during startup? What problems should be paid attention to? There are several reasons for the difficulty in starting a lawn mower engine. What are the corresponding measures? The difficulty of starting the engine is a relatively complicated problem, which must be considered from three aspects of oil, gas and electricity, because these conditions are essential for the engine. First of all, the poor spark discharge effect of the spark plug is one reason. It is necessary to adjust the spark plug gap or replace it with a new spark plug. Second, the inaccurate ignition of the positive gear caused by the spur gear and the magneto requires an engine disassembly for readjustment. The specification of gasoline or gasoline is deteriorated and impure, and the gasoline must be replaced at this time; there is also a possibility that the clogging of the filter causes difficulty in intake, and it is required to clean and replace the air filter in time. Precautions for starting a gasoline lawn mower (brush cutter) Make sure there are no children or other people within 15 meters (50 feet) of the work area, and also pay attention to the absence of any animals near the work area. Before using the lawn mower, be sure to check the safety of the operation of the lawn mower: check the safety of the cutter, the smoothness of the operation of the joystick, and whether the function of the joystick lock is normal. The tool is not allowed to rotate during idling. If in doubt, please consult your dealer about adjustments. Check that the handle is clean and dry, and test the kinetic energy of the start/stop switch. Only start the gasoline lawn mower (brush cutter) according to the instructions, do not use any other method to start the engine. Only use gasoline lawn mowers (brush cutters) and knives for their designated purposes. The engine of the gasoline lawn mower (brush cutter) can only be started after completing the assembly of the whole machine. Only operate the machine after installing all appropriate accessories. Before starting, make sure that the tool does not touch hard objects, such as branches, stones, etc., because the knife will rotate when starting. If any engine problems occur, the engine should be shut down immediately. If the tool encounters stones or other hard problems, immediately shut down the engine and check the tool. Regularly check whether the knife is damaged or not (use the test method of knocking to detect the presence of fine lines). Only operate the gasoline lawn mower (brush cutter) after adjusting the shoulder strap before operating the gasoline lawn mower (brush cutter) on the back. The shoulder strap must be adjusted according to the user's body size to prevent fatigue during use. Do not hold the cutter with one hand during use. During the operation, you should hold the gasoline mower (brush cutter) with both hands at all times and always stand firm. When operating a gasoline lawn mower (brush cutter), avoid inhaling the exhaust gas. The engine cannot be operated in a closed space (the smell of carbon monoxide is odorless and there is a risk of gas poisoning). During breaks and when unattended petrol mowers (brush cutters), turn off the engine and put it in a safe place to prevent endangering others or damaging the lawnmower. Never place a hot gasoline lawn mower (brush cutter) on dry glass or any combustible material. The assembled knives must be properly protected. Never operate the cutter without protective devices. During operation, all protective facilities and protective devices included with the gasoline lawn mower (brush cutter) must be used. Never operate the engine when the exhaust muffler is defective. Turn off the engine during transportation. During long-distance transportation, the tool protection provided with this equipment must always be used. In the process of automobile transportation, ensure that the position of the gasoline lawn mower (brush cutter) is safe and reliable to avoid fuel leakage. When transporting a gasoline lawn mower (brush cutter), make sure that the fuel tank is completely empty. When removing the gasoline lawn mower (brush cutter) from the truck, do not let the engine fall to the ground, otherwise the fuel tank may be seriously damaged. Except in emergencies, never drop or throw the gasoline lawn mower (brush cutter) onto the ground, otherwise the gasoline lawn mower (brush cutter) may be seriously damaged. Remember: When moving the device, lift the entire device from the ground. Dragging the fuel tank is extremely dangerous, causing damage to the fuel tank and fuel leakage, which may cause a fire. Today, I mainly analyzed the starting difficulties and precautions of gasoline lawn mowers. I hope that everyone must pay attention to the use of gasoline lawn mowers to avoid accidents and improve work efficiency.
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