Some maintenance knowledge of chain saw

by:Jiali     2020-06-15
1. Cylinder heat sink Check the cylinder fins regularly to keep the cylinder clean. Cylinder cleaning helps increase the power and service life of the machine itself. 2. Oil pump The oil output of the oil pump set by the chain saw at the factory is about 7 ml/min at 7000 rpm of the engine speed. If you want to increase the oil supply, turn the adjusting screw counterclockwise. When the adjustment screw touches the stopper and no longer rotates, this position indicates the maximum fuel supply (13 ml/min, engine speed 7000 rpm), and it is strictly prohibited to continue turning the adjustment screw when the fuel supply reaches the maximum or minimum. 3. Ignition system Regularly check that the wire connection is secure. 4. Spark plug The spark plug should be removed after every 25 hours of use, and the wire brush should be used to remove the dust on the electrode. It is best to adjust the electrode gap to 0.6-0.7mm. 5. Clutch shell A damaged clutch housing can cause premature chain wear. When the sprocket clutch housing wears more than 0.5 mm or more, replace it. 6. Fuel Fuel is mixed with 93# gasoline and two-stroke special oil. The ratio of 30mm (gasoline): 1mm (oil) is used in the first 30 hours of the new engine, and the ratio is 40mm (gasoline): 1mm (oil) after 30 hours. 7. Fuel filter The fuel filter removes impurities every 25 hours. First, blow the oil filter head with air, and then put it in the dissolving agent for clear. After cleaning, blow dry with an air gun. 8. Air filter The air filter should remove dust every 25 hours of use. 9. Chain and chain lubrication When the new machine is used, the elasticity of the chain should be able to push the chain to rotate. With a portable chain, the guide teeth should be parallel to the guide plate. Before the machine works, first accelerate the machine to the cutting speed of 0.5-1min, observe whether the organic oil is thrown out of the chain, if there is no oil to lubricate the chain, please do not cut, and should be repaired in time. 10. Guide plate Before using the machine, make sure that the guide plate is straight, and the gap with the chain chute on the guide plate is the same. If there is any deformation, please replace it. The above is an introduction to the common problems and maintenance knowledge of the chain saw. After you have any questions about the chain saw, you can consult.
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