Some common problems and solutions of chain saw

by:Jiali     2020-06-16
The use of chain saws will inevitably lead to these and other problems, so what do you do when you encounter these problems? Today, afterburner came to share some knowledge of the common problems of chain saws, I hope to help you. FAQ 1. Difficult to start spark plug carbon deposition, fuel filter clogging Solution: Clean or replace spark plug and fuel filter. 2. Passivation of cutting weak chains, clogging of oil injection holes of guide plates Solution: Use a file to sharpen the chain or clean the oil injection hole of the guide plate. 3. The vibration is too large, the shock-absorbing block is broken Solution: replace the shock absorber. 4. Poor lubricating effect of the chain, insufficient lubricating oil, and oil injection holes of the guide plate are blocked Solution: Add lubricating oil and clean the oil injection hole. 5. The proportion of high-temperature flameout gasoline and engine is incorrect. Replace the fuel Solution: Use a standard proportioning pot to re-proportionate the fuel. 6. The oil pump does not produce oil Solution: The oil filter is too dirty and can be cleaned or the oil pump can be replaced. 7. The start spring is broken and cannot start Solution: replace with a new start spring. 8. The return of the switch button is not flexible Solution: The screw is too tight, just loosen the screw.
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