So What Chain Saw Sharpener Is It Best To Purchase?

by:Jiali     2020-04-16
You can work with a file and sharpen the saw manually, by hand. If you are out in the forest miles from anywhere that I suppose that will be the best bet. Easier and faster to make use of an electric chain saw sharpener. There a lot of those links on a long chain that need to be cut right, right angle and correct amount. Each of the cutters should be sharpened to the same size. Start with the one that is most damaged Buying the Best Chain Saw Sharpener for Effective Chain Saw Cutting You are in the forest happily cutting down trees with your chain saw and you notice that you are having to work harder to cut the wood. The saw is not feeding itself into the cutting action as it does when it is fresh. Could be there is more sawdust there, instead of the larger chips of wood you are supposed to have. I reckon it is time to check the chain for sharpness. It might be the tension of the chain needs looking at. Best to check everything so that the chainsaw works as it is supposed to. How To Get a Machined Precision Cut On The Blades Get a small grinder chain saw sharpener to have a precision finish on the blades without needing to take the chain off the machine. Other sharpeners require the chain to be removed first. You should visually check the chain before you sharpen it. Are there any bent or burred links, broken parts or loose rivets. Take it to a authorised servicer to get parts replaced if broken. Or you will have to just buy a new chain if too much is broken. Using The Saw Sharpening Tool On The Chain Remove the damaged areas on the chrome surfaces by cutting it back. Do one side first then change the saw around to cut the other side. The cutters alternate the cutting edge, left and right of the chain. See that you have the tool set to cut the correct pitch for the chain, not all are the same. Taking Care Of The Chain When It Is New Oil the chain well before putting on the machine, or run the saw at half speed to give time for the oil to soak in the chain and the bar. Allow the chain to cool down after use before you set the tension to what it says in the manual. For the first cuts keep it light, not heavy duty work. Put on extra oil for the bar and chain at the start of cutting. See that the chain tension is OK more often in the first half an hour of cutting wood. Good Care Of The Sharpening Tool Not a good idea to use the Oregon chain saw chain sharpener for general grinding work, as that might lead to inconsistencies the next time you are trying to get a good cut on your chain saw. When you buy your sharpener it is a good idea to buy a spare cutting grinder disk to go with it.
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