Small Snow Blower Vs Big: Reasons to Stay Small

by:Jiali     2020-08-20
Smaller is better.
Sure, it might not make for as catchy a phrase, but it certainly does the trick as far as snow blowing is concerned.
If you think you need a massive snow-mountain-moving machine to tackle this winter's white stuff, think again. Your best bet this year is a small snow blower. Check out a few persuading points below to see why small will be all you'll need.
Better Maneuverability
A small snow blower is lighter. This might not seem like the hugest deal to you right now, but in the winter, it will mean a world of difference compared to a larger, more clunky model.
When the snow hits and the temperature drops to a biting five below, the last thing you're going to want to do is push around a heavy blower. Bigger models make pushing and turning the machine a nightmare. They also slow down the snow-clearing process, keeping you outside for much longer than necessary.
And if you can't operate your snow thrower, you're going to end up:
a) Making more work for yourself than even shoveling would require, and, eventually
b) Not clearing your drive.
A smaller snow blower with easy handling makes your job a quick and much less painful one. Plus, the faster you can get the job done, the more time you'll have for warm cocoa drinking.
The benefits are endless.
More Appropriate for the Job
Not only are smaller blowers easier to control, they're also more suitable for the types of jobs most homeowners need them to perform.
Most owners use their machines to clear just one short strip of straight, flat drive. Smaller models can handle the task without a problem. The only time a bigger model would be a more appropriate choice would be if you lived in an area with thick snowfall and needed to clear a large, hilly driveway. Otherwise, a small thrower gives you the best investment.
Easier Storage
And finally, after the snow has melted and it's time for that lovely little task of spring cleaning, a smaller snow thrower can again save you much hassle. After all, your machine is in storage much longer than it's in use, so why waste space with a larger blower? Smaller models will be easier to transport, lift, fit and keep out of sight until you need them again next year.
So if you're looking into different models and wondering where you'll find the most value for the expense, consider checking out small snow blower models first. Ask your salesperson to go over the ratings, features and benefits before dedicating to the downsize.
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