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portable sea water desalination sea water desalinator

portable sea water desalination sea water desalinator


portable seawater desalinator

Water yield:

push the pressure bar 45 times / min, the output of drinking water is 3.5-6 L / h

Treatment water:

sea water with temperature of 5 ℃ - 45 ℃ and fresh water polluted by slight biochemical pollutant


all kinds of raft ships, offshore operation platforms, field operations

Water quality of fresh water produced:

meet the standard for drinking water GB/T5749/50-2006, and exceed the military wartime drinking water standard GJB651-89

seawater corrosion resistance period:

no obvious corrosion within 1000 hours

working life:

more than 180 hours in total (working interval should not exceed 24 hours), and it can be recovered after replacing vulnerable parts

 Maintenance free storage period:

two years under room temperature



net weight:


Executive standard:



Product Details

48cc 2 stroke gas engine - silver

BLOCK 5168

seawater demineralizer

individual desalinator

Product component

This product is composed of portable seawater desalination machine, push and pull rod, inlet pipe (blue), concentrated pipe (yellow), fresh water pipe (white), water bag, primary filter and other parts.

working principle

The product uses reverse osmosis technology to filter out inorganic salts, heavy metal ions, organics, colloid, bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances in seawater, thus producing fresh water.

When operated with a hand pull rod, raw water enters the device through the inlet through the primary filter, and is pressurized by the pressure pump. The high-pressure water communicates with the reverse osmosis membrane cavity through the high-pressure channel.By adjusting the pressure regulating valve, the pressure of high pressure water conforms to the best working range of the reverse osmosis membrane, thus producing fresh water smoothly.When the pressure pump just began to pressurize, must first release the pressure regulating valve, so that the reverse osmosis membrane cavity initial residual air can be discharged smoothly, the reverse osmosis membrane can work normally.


individual desalinator
individual bottle type desalinator
minitype desalinator
BLOCK 5173
Product features

Product features

1. The product is designed for patent;The water yield is stable and reaches the standard of drinking water;

2, pocket model, the main machine adopts a special waterway design, the push-pull rod adopts a telescopic design, the size of the machine is minimized, light weight, easy to carry;

3. Single operation based on lever principle, and rolling bearing is adopted in the driving part, which is simple and labor-saving;

4. The main body of the product is made of titanium alloy, which can resist seawater corrosion for a long time;

5. Water-wading parts shall be made of food-grade materials to ensure that the quality of desalinated water produced reaches the standard and can be drunk directly.

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