Save Time With a Handheld Leaf Blower

by:Jiali     2020-08-17
Saving time is big deal when you are on a busy schedule and the nifty little handheld leaf blower will definitely save lots of time anywhere there are things that need to swept away in the outdoors. Although there are reports of blowers being used to tidy up indoors.
Leaf blowers appeared on the scene in the 1970's. About 75,000 were sold in 1985 and in 2010 sales level reached 4,643,000 of the noisy little blowing machines that make short work of tedious raking and sweeping jobs.
A blower is nothing more than a portable small turbine fan powered either by electricity or gas engines that create blasts of air through a tube. The forced air when pointed in the direction of loose debris such as grass clippings, leaves or other yard debris will easily move the unwanted material to an area where it can be more easily and quickly disposed of.
Electric leaf blowers have several appealing features with the primary one being ease of use. All it takes to get started is an extension cord and the flip of a switch. There is no requirement to store and mix flammable fuel and additives and they don't need a starter cord which can be frustrating when it takes more than a few pulls to get started. The electric varieties deliver 250 CFM of air through the tube and some offer the ability to adjust the air flow for different materials to be moved.
Besides ease of use the most compelling aspect of electric blowers is cost. They are typically $40 to $150 dollars cheaper than their gas powered rivals. In addition to the initial cost savings they are cheaper to operate in the long run due to fuel and engine maintenance costs savings. And one last benefit is they do not emit smelly fumes and they are more quite than most gas powered blowers.
If you aren't crazy about being tethered to an electrical outlet and power cord the gas powered blowers are for you. There are many applications where it is not feasible to use corded blowers with distance being a deciding factor. There may be no electrical outlets in the area or more than 100 feet away which would be impractical by requiring too much cord to operate.
Gas powered blowers have more power than the electric variety and require more maintenance but they usually last longer if properly taken care of. Today most are equipped with two cycle overhead valve engines (OHV) that have better fuel efficiency, last longer and have more power. These modern engines are very good quality and if just the minimum maintenance standards are observed they will deliver good service for many years.
The choice of a type of leaf blower rests with the situation and preference of the individual. Either type leaf blower can be an extremely valuable tool for any homeowner's yard maintenance arsenal because it can really help give any yard a neat and clean look much easier and quicker than before.
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