Safety Tips For Operating Lawnmowers

by:Jiali     2020-07-28
While they don't seem like overly dangerous pieces of equipment, there are some risks and injuries associated with using a lawnmower that can be easily prevented. These safety tips may be just what you're after in ensuring safe mowing practice:
Read the manual: It is important to read the manual or manufacturer's booklet that comes with your lawnmower, even if you have owned one before. Newer models may be equipped with different technology and new safety features that you may never have seen before. Familiarise yourself with these things before use.
Check the grass: Before using your lawnmower, it is very important to first check out your grass. Are there any rocks or toys or anything similar lying around? These should be removed immediately - if they get caught up and flung out by your lawnmower, debris can cause serious injury.
Keep children and pets away: When you wish to cut your grass, consider doing it when your children and pets are inside or away from the house. Don't let your children operate the lawnmower until they are strong and responsible enough to do so safely. Even then, you should never let them use the lawnmower unsupervised just in case something goes wrong.
Avoid hills and slopes: It can be very dangerous to use a lawnmower on a hill or slope, especially if it is on the steep side. They are known to flip over or for the operator to lose control, so the best solution is to use some other kind of ground cover on hilled areas. If this is not an option, be sure to push your lawnmower across the hill, not up and down, to ensure it is being used as safely as possible.
Wear proper shoes: The body part most often injured in lawnmower accidents is feet, so it is very important to make sure you are wearing enclosed shoes whilst mowing. Do not operate a lawnmower whilst wearing thongs or sandals, and do not even consider doing so with bare feet.
Refuel a cold motor: Much the same as putting oil into a car, you should never refuel your lawnmower whilst it is running or hot. A backsplash of hot fuel can cause serious burns to the operator or somebody standing close by.
Make sure the grass is dry: Grass should only be cut when it is dry. Wet grass sticks to the lawnmower and has been known to cause mechanical difficulties that could result in injuries.
While it is not hard to use a lawnmower in a safe and careful manner, following the above safety tips will ensure the safety of you and your family as well as the pleasure of owning your lawnmower for many years to come. A well-looked after and safe lawnmower is one that lasts.
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