Rotavators and Safety

by:Jiali     2020-08-03
Before you use your rotavator, make sure that you are doing everything you can to be safe while working. Like when using any heavy duty garden machinery you need to make sure that you suitably equipped and in the right frame of mind to be working with such machinery. The following is a selection of guidelines to help you and the people around you stay safe when working with rotavators.
Rotavators can be dangerous, just like any other piece of heavy machinery. Before you turn it on and fill the tank, follow some simple rules so that your powerful equipment does not slip from your control. Take rotavators seriously; a machine is made up of blades that are spinning very fast. The potential for bodily injury or even death is there, even if the manufacturers take every precaution there is always the potential for human error. The blades are covered to protect you from flying stones or garbage. Even so, covers can fail and flying debris can slip through the tracks. It only takes one stone to cause serious injury. Always stand behind the rotavator to decrease the chance of being hit with something.
Ensure that the area you are going to work on is clear before operating your rotavator. No matter how well concealed the blades are, rotavators can fling pieces of debris at high speeds. An accidental injury to yourself or even worse an injury to another person must be avoided when using the rotavator.
Another important safety consideration is to make sure that your clothing is appropriate for what you are doing. Operating a rotavator will mean that you will have rapidly spinning sharp blades a few feet, inches from your toes. Whatever footwear you use, make sure that it sturdy and has steel tipped toes. This can be the difference between keeping your feet and never being able to walk again. In addition, if you value your eyesight, wear protection such as safety goggles, to prevent flying matter from injuring them.
Remember you must never operate a rotavator with children present or if you are under the influence of alcohol. If you treat your rotavator with the respect that any kind of dangerous machinery deserves, you should be safe from injury. Always be careful and remember, a few minutes of precaution can save you a whole lifetime of pain and suffering from one stupid mistake or one unhappy coincidence. Always read the safety manual from the manufacturers because it will contain lots of useful information.
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