Ride-On Lawnmowers - Don't Buy One of These Until

by:Jiali     2020-07-18
If you are thinking of buying or replacing a ride-on lawnmower here are a few ideas to chew over before you go ahead.
Why do you want to spend lovely dry sunny days sitting on a ride-on mower? What about sitting or working in the garden, or playing golf, tennis or having a swim or going for a walk - really having time to enjoy the summer?
When sitting on a ride-on mower there will a box behind or at the side, picking up the clippings. There is a seat for you to sit on and a place to rest your feet. These feet than have to connect with a pedal to change gear. There is a steering wheel to hold and help keep you on the chosen path across the lawn.
If you have a large lawn, and one assumes that you do for needing a ride-on in the first place, there will be a powerful engine inside the casing. All this takes up a lot of room and produces a great deal of weight to trundle around the lawn. There will be quite a noise to disturb the peace. The wheels make marks because of this heavy ride-on mower.
The grass box constantly needs emptying and where it is dumped becomes a rotting slimy mess. This is a waste of the nutrients in the grass that could be feeding the lawn. If left after being cut by a ride-on mulching mower the clippings are too long and unsightly and have to be picked up.
Ride-on lawnmowers are not cheap to run, most using a lot of petrol and this has to be stored somewhere safe. All petrol mowers are among the worst domestic polluters around producing more emissions working for an hour than about 35 cars driving for 100 miles. Not good for the environment what ever your views on climate change may be.
Strip all of the above components away from this ride-on mower and what are you left with? A blade cutting the grass! Now place a wire around the edge of the lawn needing to be cut and activate this with a 24 volt electric current. This will grow in quickly and become invisible. Now add a laptop to control the blade and put the blade and computer in a small light (soon to be made of carbon fibre) casing. Add some small, well defined wheels, two sensors to detect rain and most importantly a long life lithium-ion battery or two (depending on the lawn size) and what do you have? An automatic lawnmower!
The computer will tell the blade when to come into action, the sensors will make sure the robot only goes where the defining cable allows it to, and the lawn will be cut automatically whenever the programme has asked it to. You need not be anywhere near the mower. In fact if you opt for some of the models you can operate it from anywhere from a mobile phone via Bluetooth.
By investing in an automatic lawnmowing system rather than a cumbersome, petrol guzzling, heavy, time consuming ride-on mower, you will be spending NO less money, having more time to spend as you wish and be contributing no emissions to the atmosphere. Most importantly your lawn will look perfect all year round.
This stripped down ride-on mower has now become an automatic lawnmowing system! I am sure you will be convinced that this is the way forward for cutting lawns in the 21st century and by watching a video you will be even more enthused.
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