Ride-On Lawnmower Versus Automatic Lawnmower -

by:Jiali     2020-07-14
Which is best a ride-on lawnmower or an automatic mulching lawnmowing system? Either would certainly speed up the lawn cutting chore if time is now spent one afternoon a week walking up and down the lawn. With the ride-on there would be a few sorties to behind the hedge to ditch the grass clippings but that would be unnecessary with the automatic mower as the grass clippings are so small they disappear into the lawn providing nutrients. Both types come in many different models and sizes so neither has the advantage there.
However, if anyone is worried about climate change then the robotic mower will be better because ride-on mowers or any other petrol driven mower, are among the worst domestic appliances for giving off polluting emissions.
Although it would certainly be quicker cutting the lawn with a ride-on than a petrol driven push mower, it would still take a considerable amount of time - getting it out of the shed, filling it up, emptying the grass and then putting it away as well as the actual cutting time. So perhaps a ride-on is not the best choice.
An automatic mulching lawnmowing system eliminates all that. Once set up it will come out of its charging house at the set time, cut the lawn and put itself back for a recharge automatically as often and as many days as the owner has keyed into it internal computer.
The ride-on mower is heavy and cumbersome when you take into account that there is the large engine, the vast amount of casing, the seat, steering wheel and foot plate all needed for a person to be able to sit on it and drive the thing around the lawn.
An automatic lawnmower is really just the blade, a lithium ion battery (two in some sizes) and a computer in a light (soon to be carbon fibre) casing, the middle size weighing only about 9 Kgs.
The cost of buying would be much the same for either so that does not make for an obvious choice. After the initial programming no-one needs to be anywhere near the robotic mower before, while or after the robot is cutting the lawn. There would be no disposal of grass clippings either as the automatic mower is a 'mulcher', in other words cuts the grass into such tiny pieces that they fall into the grass and provide nutrients for the lawn and are are invisible. There is no petrol to buy and store and the lawn will remain looking beautiful all year round. The pressure if off - fitting life around mowing the lawn in the summer will be a thing of the past.
Automatic lawnmowers come in many sizes from the smallest that cuts about 400 sq m to the largest capable of keeping up to 4 acres under control. On seeing this small automatic lawmmower working for the first time one wonders how on earth it can keep a lawn completely covered as it cuts randomly within the desired area. However after seeing the final result there can be no doubt about its capabilities.
All in all the ride-on lawnmower looks like an archaic bit of kit in comparison to this sophisticated automatic lawnmowing system. A search on the internet for a video of this robot working should convince anyone that there is no contest when it comes to automatic lawnmowing systems versus ride-on lawn mowers.
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