Reasons and elimination methods of high oil consumption

by:Jiali     2020-06-17
The following are the reasons for the high oil consumption of the four-point chain saw and the corresponding elimination methods. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. 1. Oil leakage from carburetor See above for the cause and elimination of oil leakage. 2. The air metering holes of each oil system are partially blocked Reason: Partial clogging of the air metering holes of each oil system will cause the carburetor to supply rich oil and increase fuel consumption. Exclusion method: Just clean it according to the carburetor cleaning method mentioned above. 3. The start thickening device is not closed tightly The reason for starting the thickening device is not tightly closed and the elimination method is as above. 4. The outer diameter of the main oil needle is reduced through wear, and the main nozzle hole is worn out. Reason: The above parts are worn due to the high-speed scouring of impurities contained in gasoline for a long time during use, which reduces the outer diameter of the main oil needle and the main nozzle hole, resulting in increased fuel supply and increased fuel consumption. Remedy: replace with a new measuring hole.
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