Purchasing a Sturdy Chainsaw For Your Next Project

by:Jiali     2020-04-12
If you work in carpentry, the logging industry or simply have some wood to saw, the chain saw is an essential companion. There are 2 chief types of chain saw - gasoline and electric. Of these, gas-powered chainsaws are by far the most common. First, they can be taken anywhere and since chainsaws are frequently needed in remote places, this is a distinct plus. In addition, they are far more powerful than the electric model and are more suitable for heavy jobs. Electric saws are suitable for smaller jobs around the house, but in this article we will look in more detail at the gas-powered variety. The average chainsaw consists of a few different parts. The engine, most often a two-stroke, runs on a mixture of gas and oil, and is obviously essential. The bar extends anywhere between 16 and 36 inches and has a slot where the chain rests. Lastly, the chain itself is the bit that does the actual cutting. The chain is similar to a bike chain but each segment has a sharp 'tooth' for cutting. If you are investing in a chain saw there are a number of things you need to consider. First is what amount of power you will require from your saw. If it is simply for carrying out little jobs around the garden, then a smaller model will do the trick. In addition, you have to decide what length of bar you will require. Chainsaws also are available with some optional features that aid in comfort, safety and convenience. Examples include automatic chain lubrication, anti-vibration features and easily adjustable chains. As with many power tools, chainsaws require frequent maintenance to keep them working properly. As mentioned before, the saw engine is lubricated by an oil and gas mixture, while the chain will also have to be lubricated. This calls for a different variety of oil that has to be frequently refilled. In addition, the chain will become loose over time so it has to be adjusted regularly. It will also become blunt so the 'teeth' must be sharpened regularly. Because of the cutting power of chainsaws and the environments in which they are used, chainsaw injuries are not uncommon. It is wise to wear protective clothing including a hard hat, goggles, leg protection and gloves to help prevent disaster. Before you attempt to work with a chainsaw for the first time you need to ensure that you get the necessary training. In addition, always watch your surroundings when working with a saw. Make sure you have a steady footing to help avoid accidents.
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