Precautions for operation of brush cutter

by:Jiali     2020-06-09
In garden operations, the frequently used cleaning tools, weeds, and some loose shrubs all use the same high-efficiency, high-speed, and free-of-charge garden tools, which are brush cutters. The purpose of the brush cutter is mainly to cut the weeds and small shrubs in the newly-built garden site, to prepare the tractor for ploughing and land preparation, and also to provide weed cutting services after the garden is built. How to operate the brush cutter, what are the things to pay attention to? The following is a detailed explanation for you. Key points of operation of brush cutter: 1. After the engine of the knapsack brush cutter is started, carry the strap behind the operator. The engine power is transmitted to the working parts of the brush cutter through the flexible shaft. The operator can cut while walking while holding the joystick. Because the engine is carried on the back, the operation sensitivity is large, and it is not affected by the terrain and slope. It can be operated freely up and down, left and right, especially in the complex mountainous cutting operation. 2. After the engine of the side-mounted brush cutter is started, the side-mounted belt is placed on the shoulder of the operator. When the engine speed reaches 2800-3200r/min, the clutch is engaged, the transmission shaft in the hard sleeve rotates, the operator hands Hold the joystick to cut while walking, and cut off the small shrubs and weeds on the job site. The working width is about 1 meter. 3. When cutting shrubs less than 8 cm, you can use a one-way saw to directly fell down; when cutting shrubs and trees more than 8 cm, you can use a two-way saw, that is, first saw the lower mouth, then saw the upper mouth, in use Impact cutting is strictly prohibited when sawing, otherwise it may hurt people or damage the machine parts due to inertia. 4. After the brush cutter installed with saw blade or cutter head is started or working, other than the operator, others must be 3 meters away from the machine. 5. When shifting the operating point, the throttle must be closed to stop the working parts. When the new operating point is reached, increase the throttle, and then perform the cutting operation after further speed. 6. When shutting down, the throttle should be closed first, and then stop after 3-5 minutes of idling. It is strictly forbidden to stop suddenly during high-speed operation. 1. Requirements for users 1. Users must be trained and read the operating instructions with confidence before using for the first time, otherwise they cannot be used. 2. Minors cannot operate brush cutters. 3. Those who have drunk alcohol are relatively unable to operate the brush cutter. 4. Those who are too tired, sick, or who have taken medicine to affect their work cannot operate the brush cutter. 5. Women cannot operate brush cutters during the menstrual period. 6. If you continue to operate the brush cutter intensively, you must pay special attention to your body and arrange rest and sleep. 2. Labor protection during operation 1. Wear tight-fitting long-sleeved tops and trousers, in order not to wear short-sleeved, skirts and work coats. 2. Wear work gloves when working. 3. Wear a safety work hat when working. 4. In order to avoid accidents caused by slipping during operation, you must wear non-slip work shoes. 5. To protect the eyes, wear protective glasses when operating. 6. The brush cutter is accompanied by intense noise when it is working. In order to protect the eardrum of the operator, protective equipment such as earplugs should be used. 7. Do not wear scarves, ties, or gold ornaments. Long hair should be tied up and protected to prevent being caught by Xiao Shuquan.
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