Poulan Leaf Blowers, A Good Brand Amoung Many

by:Jiali     2020-08-05
With the marketplace so cluttered with different makes and models of leaf blowers, it becomes difficult to select the brands and corresponding models that stand out from the pack. One such brand that consistently outperforms others, based on a variety of different criteria, is Poulan. Poulan blowers come loaded with special features, some of which are great solutions to problems that consumers consistently bring up in leaf blower focus groups. These problems usually include: the weight of the equipment, the life-cycle of the product, the overall functionality and ease of use, the price of the equipment, noise level during operation, and the power output/consumption.
When you consider that many of the normal gasoline-driven models of leaf blowers weigh-in at up to 12.38 pounds, you can imagine why it is important to have equipment that is as light as humanly possible. Some of the larger commercial models on the market are much heavier than that. Poulan blowers (depending on model selection) average a mere 10 pounds. This difference, although relatively small, becomes significant over the course of a day, when executing lengthy lawn-care projects. However, Poulan blowers become even more attractive when you consider that in addition to the phenomenal weight savings, these models are molded for ergonomic comfort. In fact many of the initial test users for these particular leaf blowers were astounded to learn that the leaf blowers weighed more than 7 pounds. When it comes to carrying weight, balance and distribution are key components to that, and Poulan has obviously figured out how to make the principles work for the consumer's benefit.
Every product has a life cycle, and Poulan blowers are no exception. Many consumers claim that all hand-held leaf blowers have a short life span due to the amount of wear and tear that they are constantly subject to. However, this becomes another area where Poulan outshines the competition. Some Craftsman outdoor tool connoisseurs claim that Craftsman outdoor tools only have an average life span of 50 hours of operation! This also includes leaf blowers. However, other consumers openly claim that Poulan leaf blowers do not begin to lose their engine compression for 2 entire years. This benefit is especially useful when considered in conjunction with some of the other category benefits mentioned below.
Apart from weight and life cycle, Poulan blowers are exemplary when it comes to their functionality. Take a look at the functionality of some competing leaf blowers and you will notice that a great majority of them are only dedicated blowers. In other words, you can't turn many models of leaf blowers into vacuum cleaners without having to make advanced modifications to the equipment. However, with the Poulan, it is as easy as flipping a switch. Also, the bag attachment for the vacuum function is designed to provide maximum comfort during operation. Using a Poulan as a vacuum and as a standard leaf blower allows you to get rid of your current hand-held vacuum that you have been using for yard-oriented work. For example, once you clear your property of leaves and debris, using your Poulan, you could simply flip a switch and vacuum out your garage, or clear seed pods from your garden, gutters, or patio. Regardless of the task at hand, Poulan blowers essentially make them possible no matter how challenging they seem.
Another great benefit to using a Poulan unit is that they are very economically priced. With many hand-held models costing upwards of two hundred dollars, it is difficult to find a model with comparable features that deliver the same value as a Poulan leaf blower. Most Poulan models are priced right around one hundred dollars which is an amazing value given the extensive features, functionality, and durability. If you are a budget conscious consumer you need look no further than Poulan's line of leaf blowers. Many come with warranty plans which only serve to make the Poulan a better buy.
In laboratory tests, Poulan blowers registered one of the most quiet decibel readings of all the models. The particular model tested came in at a virtual whisper of only 69 DBA, while some of the other blowers were registering noise levels upwards of 80 DBA. Leaf blowers, in general get a terrible reputation for noise pollution. In fact, this is one of the factors that cause many consumers to avoid leaf blowers in general. Finally, Poulan revealed that using a 4-cycle engine allowed it to maintain relatively quiet noise levels, while also creating a more fuel efficient, and powerful product. The compression can be as high as 60 lbs, which is astonishing given its size, weight, and price.
In conclusion, if you are looking for a great option to clean up leaves for the summer or fall, look to a Poulan to handle all of the work you can throw its way. Poulan blowers are superior to the competition in nearly every category that matters. You will undoubtedly benefit from years of service at an amazing price.
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