Overview of chain saw:

by:Jiali     2020-06-09
The chain saw is also known as a chain saw. It is a portable saw powered by a gasoline engine. It is mainly used for logging and timber. Its working principle is to rely on the lateral movement of the L-shaped blades on the chain saw to perform the cutting action. Afterburner chain saw features: a: Light-weight low-pollution chain saw, using Euro II emission technology b: The new streamlined body design is more user-friendly c: High-end high-quality carburetor and imported saw chain, full of power d: Using new nylon reinforced material, strong and durable e: Double filter, can keep the engine clean for a long time f: Double start device, can start the machine quickly and easily g: Double brake design, safer h: low fuel consumption and high efficiency, durable Use occasions of chain saw: used for forest harvesting, timber production, branching, etc. and timber storage timber production Note on the use of gasoline saw: 1. Before using the chain saw, you must read the instructions carefully and operate in strict accordance with the instructions to ensure the safety and life of the product. 2. In the installation process of the guide plate chain, pay attention to its tightness (pull the chain by hand, the distance between the chain and the guide plate is 1 cm), otherwise it will affect the use effect; 3. The mixing ratio of gasoline and engine oil is generally 25:1, the recommended engine oil is Mobil brand two-stroke special engine oil; 4. When the chain saw is used for the first time, the machine must be started for 5 minutes before starting normal work; 5. After the chain saw starts, it must wait for the guide chain to receive oil before it can start to work (the oil pump oil out); 6. The chain saw may be loose due to transportation. Please adjust it according to the instruction before use. Generally, it is not recommended to disassemble the machine; 7. The carburetor must be cleaned after every 100 hours of operation before use 8. The air filter must be cleaned after working for eight hours; 9. If the chain is blunt, it should be replaced in time or filed before use, otherwise it will affect the use effect and the life of the chain saw; 10. When the chain saw is not in use, it is best to pack it in a plastic bag to prevent dust and moisture from entering the machine and affecting its use; 11. After the chain saw is used, the fuel and oil in the fuel tank must be cleaned; 12.25F chain saw maximum guide plate chain configuration: 12 inches; 45F chain saw maximum guide plate chain configuration: 18 inches; 52F chain saw maximum guide plate chain configuration is 20 inches; 62F chain saw maximum guide plate chain configuration is 22 inches , Exceeding the configuration range may cause high temperature of the machine, and then stop the flame, affecting the use effect and life of the machine (using the above models in summer, the guide chain should be reduced by 2 inches respectively).
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