No You Cannot Use My Ride-On-Lawnmower Engine

by:Jiali     2020-07-25
They say that having a ride-on-lawnmower is a status symbol, especially if it is a ride on lawnmower of the most accessory endowed type with the largest motor. Nothing comes behind a man and his ride on lawnmower with custom drink holder. Nevertheless, the other day a neighbor who had a new invention concept asked if I would like to partner up with him to help him build his prototype. Being retired, that sound like something fun to do, until he explained to me what help he actually needed.
You see, he didn't just want my help building this contraption of his. He wanted to use (read: confiscate) my yard equipment, and the engine on my lawnmower. Can you imagine the tenacity of this individual, what kind of neighbor would ask you to disassemble your yard equipment, and your trusty lawnmower tractor to build a new type of transportation device? He wanted to build a ground effect hovercraft no doubt. And he said it was partly my idea because I gave him information on building hovercrafts.
Yes, I told him but that doesn't mean he can have the engine of my lawnmower. Meanwhile he said we can become partners and I could own a percentage of the prototype and any future company that we started. That sounds like a pretty good idea but I'm not going to sacrifice my pride and joy, we are talking about serious yard equipment here, these things are not cheap, and I have a custom lawnmower with a custom seat, and a special drink holder, and heck, I was even considering putting satellite radio on the darn thing.
The motor is a water-cooled 38 hp engine. It has several hydraulic systems able to do just about anything. Of course when I tried to explain this to my neighbor and why I didn't want to donate my lawnmower to his cause, I could see his mouth watering as I explained all of the attachments, systems, and power that my ride on lawnmower has. He even wanted to use the seat for his ground effect vehicle, and he said the seat belt was perfect.
Of all the nerve, you think for a second a man would give up his pride and joy just to use it as a prototype for an invention and new company that might make 10s of millions of dollars in the future? No way! Indeed I hope you will please consider all this.
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