Must master 30 points of chain saw knowledge

by:Jiali     2020-06-09
The use of chainsaws requires a preliminary knowledge of the use, the following 30 points need to pay attention to: 1. The operator must read the manual carefully before operating the machine. When using it for the first time, be sure to ask an experienced person to guide the usage of the product before you can start the actual operation. 2. The operator must wear safety gloves, safety shoes, appropriate work clothes, and protective glasses as required. During the sawing operation, non-workers shall not be on the sidelines to avoid accidents. 3. It is strictly forbidden to use pure gasoline as fuel. Pure gasoline will cause the machine to overheat and damage. 4. The gasoline engine must use a mixture of gasoline and engine oil. 5. Within the first 20 hours of operation of the gasoline engine, the fuel ratio is gasoline: engine oil=20:1 6. After the gasoline engine has been running for 20 hours, the normal fuel ratio is: gasoline: engine oil = 25:1 or 50:1 7. The ratio mentioned above, such as 50:1, refers to the volume ratio, not the weight ratio. That is the same bottle, filled with 50 bottles of gasoline to a bottle of motor oil, instead of 50 pounds of gasoline to 1 pound of oil. 8. The new gasoline engine must be run in at a low speed for 1-2 hours. Failure to run in as required will result in a high failure rate and short life of the chain saw during use. 9. It is strictly forbidden to bang the throttle hard when the chain saw is unloaded or overloaded, which will cause the cylinder to wear abnormally and pull the cylinder. 10. The engine oil is two-stroke FC grade special engine oil, and the gasoline grades are 90# and 93#. 11. Continuous use of chain saw is too long, it is easy to make the temperature of the engine too high. It is recommended to stop and rest for 15-20 minutes every time it is used to avoid engine overheating or overload operation. 12. Professionals recommend the use of special two-stroke oil. 13. Poor practical gasoline and oil will cause damage to the cylinder and piston, piston ring, crankshaft connecting rod, bearing, oil seal, carburetor, etc. 14. Please use supporting guide chains practically so as not to affect the cutting effect and machine life. 15. The oil used to lubricate the guide plate chain in the oil tank should be clean special chain oil, and the oil should not be recovered practically. This will affect the service life of the guide plate chain and even cause the guide plate chain to break, endangering the safety of life. 16. It is strictly forbidden to accelerate rapidly and stop urgently to avoid damage to the machine. 17. For safety and fire prevention, the fuel must be kept away from the fire source and the stopper must be turned off! Ban fireworks! 18. Do not overfill the fuel tank and engine oil tank. If fuel or engine oil overflows or spills, do not hesitate to check the bottom clearly and ensure that the fuel port cap and oil port cap are tightened before starting the engine. Add fuel to 80% of the fuel tank. When handling fuel and oil, always be cautious and move them to at least 3 meters away from the operating point. 19. Do not let anyone and children who cannot understand the operating instructions use the gasoline engine. 20. This product is equipped with a high-speed chain with sharp blades. If the operator makes mistakes, it is a very dangerous thing, so when fatigue, illness or irritability, do not use a gasoline saw. 21. Regularly open the air filter cover, clear the air filter and carburetor inside, especially when sawing dry wood, clean it in time. 22. When the engine is running, always hold the chain saw firmly with both hands. Hold the front handle firmly with your left hand and firmly hold the back handle of the chain saw with your right thumb and other fingers. 23. When the engine is running, pay attention to the chain parts, and do not touch the stones or your body. 24. After the engine and chain are completely stopped, put the guide plate sleeve on the guide plate chain jacket and wait for the muffler to cool before carrying the chain saw. 25. Check the chain saw before using the chain saw each time to see if it is worn, loose or not damaged. If the chain saw is damaged, improperly adjusted or not assembled at all, never use the chain saw. 26. Except for some simple parts, all chain saw repairs should be repaired by professional chain saw repair personnel. 27. Before lowering the chain saw, the engine must be shut down. 28. Non-professional users are forbidden to use chainsaws as tricks, operate or play on trees. 29. Prevent backlash. The kickback is the upward movement of the guide plate. This happens when the chain at the end of the guide plate hits an object. The kickback can cause the extremely dangerous chain saw to get out of control. 30. When transporting the chain saw for a long distance, please remove the guide plate and chain, or install the guide plate chain, and put the chain saw in a proper position.
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