Maintenance Tips For Ensuring That Your Lawnmower

by:Jiali     2020-07-18
Who is with me when I say that mowing the lawn can be a real chore that no one enjoys doing? Couple this with a lawnmower that is having difficulty starting or coughs and splutters the longer you have it running, and you're living your worst nightmare. There is, however, a way to put a stop to all the problems that you experience when trying to cut your grass and this is by completing the following lawnmower maintenance tips:
Only use fresh fuel for your lawnmower, as stale petrol will thicken and reduce the flow to the carburetor. This is actually one of the problems that make your mower hard to start.
Regularly check the oil level and do an oil change at least once a year or after every 25 hours of use. Dirty oil will gum up the pistons of your lawnmower, which also makes it difficult to start.
Make sure that your lawnmower's blades are kept sharp, as dull blades will shred your grass instead of cutting it. You can sharpen the blades yourself or pay a professional to do it for you.
Check your lawnmower's spark plug at least once a year; if it is dirty, you can remove it for cleaning. Also take this opportunity to check the insulator around the plug, as it will need to be replaced if cracked.
Make sure that your lawnmower's wheels are rolling straight. If one or two of them are wobbling, you can try tightening the bolts to see if this fixes the problem.
After each use, give the underside of your lawnmower a good clean to remove any grass that has accumulated. If grass is allowed to gather beneath your mower, you will find it obstructs the blades.
Give each of the belts and cables that are found in your lawnmowers engine a thorough look over to ensure that they haven't developed any kinks or cracks since your last check.
Always properly prepare your lawnmower for winter, even if it will only be out of action for a month or so. This will ensure that, when you pull it out during spring, it is ready and raring to go.
By ensuring that your lawnmower is well maintained, it will reward you with a number of years of exceptional use. Follow the above maintenance tips on a regular basis to ensure that your mower always starts on the first go and cuts your grass in the even and consistent manner that you have come to expect from your machine.
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