Maintenance of high stick saw

by:Jiali     2020-06-18
⒈The newly-made machine is used from the beginning until the third oil filling period is the running-in period. During operation, do not let the initiator run at high speed without load, so as to avoid putting a rated burden on the initiator during the running-in period. During the running-in phase, all moving parts must be adjusted to each other, and there will be a large frictional resistance between the driving parts. Ordinary high-twig sawing machine reaches its maximum power after 5 to 15 oil fillings. ⒉After the long-time full-load operation in the mission period, let the engine do the short-duration idling, so that the cooling airflow takes away most of the heat, so that the drive installation components (ignition installation, carburetor) will not cause adverse results due to heat accumulation. ⒊ The care of the air filter. Adjust the damper to the choke position to prevent dirt from entering the intake pipe. Place the foam filter in a clean non-flammable cleaning solution (such as hot soapy water) to wash and dry. Change the felt filter. When it is not too dirty, you can tap or blow it quietly, but you cannot clean the felt filter. Note that the damaged filter element must be replaced. When installing the device, pay attention to insert the felt filter with the marked side into the filter housing. ⒋Reflection of spark plug. If the power of the engine is lacking, the starting difficulty or the idling problem, first check the spark plug. Clean the spark plugs that have been purified, and check the electrode spacing. The correct spacing is 0.5 mm. Adjust if necessary. In order to prevent the occurrence of sparks and fire risks, if the spark plug has a separate joint, be sure to screw the nut onto the thread and tighten it, and press the spark plug plug firmly on the spark plug. If you do not use high-twist saws for more than 3 months, you should keep them as follows. ⒈ Empty the fuel tank in a ventilated place and clean it. ⒉Dry the carburetor, otherwise the carburetor pump membrane will stick and affect the next start. ⒊Remove the saw chain and guide plate, clean and reflect. ⒋ Thoroughly clean the entire machine, especially the cylinder fins and air filter. ⒌If using chain smooth oil, fill the smooth oil tank. ⒍The machine should be kept in a dry and safe place to prevent contact with relevant personnel (such as children). What should I pay attention to when using the chain saw task? ⒈Wear task clothes and corresponding labor protection supplies according to the rules, such as helmets, protective glasses, gloves, task shoes, etc., and also wear colorful vests. ⒉The engine should be closed during machine transportation. ⒊The engine must be closed before refueling. When the engine has no fuel in the task, it should be stopped for 15 minutes, and the engine is cooled before refueling. ⒋Reflect on the safe operation of the high-twist saw before starting. ⒌When starting the high-twist saw, you must keep a distance of more than three meters from the fueling place. Do not use high-twist saws in closed rooms. ⒍Do not smoke while using the machine or near the machine to avoid fire. ⒎Be sure to use two hands to hold the high-twist saw firmly during the task. You must stand firm and pay attention to the risk of slipping.
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