Lawnmower Maintenance - 10 Tips for a Better Running

by:Jiali     2020-07-22
Mowing the lawn can be much less of a chore when you have a smoothly running lawnmower. A lawnmower is a machine and machines need to be cared for properly or they will not perform well. There is nothing worse than dragging out your mower to cut the grass, only to find it is very difficult to start or will not start at all. Following these simple tips will allow your lawnmower to start on the first pull, run smoother and reduce the time it takes to complete this necessary chore.
10 Tips for a Better Running Machine
1. Check your operator's manual to determine when routine maintenance should be performed and follow the recommended schedules.
2. Always use fresh gasoline in your lawnmower. Stale gas thickens and reduces flow to the carburetor, thus making it difficult to start.
3. Check the oil level on a regular basis and change it annually. Just like your automobile, your lawnmower needs to have its oil changed regularly. It should be changed after twenty-five hours of operation according to most manufactures. Dirty oil can gum up the pistons and makes starting difficult and reduces performance.
4. Change the air filter according to the manufacture's recommendations. A dirty air filter can make it difficult for your lawnmower to breath correctly and can cause performance problems.
5. Keep your mower blade sharpened on a regular basis. A dull mower blade will shred your grass instead of cutting it cleanly.
6. Check your spark plug annually. If the plug is dirty, it can be cleaned. Be sure to check the gap before re-installing. If the insulator around the spark plug is cracked, you will need to replace it. Read your owner's manual for the proper replacement plug. These may be purchased at your local auto parts store or lawn mower shop.
7. Check the wheels on your mower to be sure they are rolling straight. If they are not, tighten all mounting hardware to remove any wobble that may have developed.
8. Clean the undercarriage after each use. This will prevent grass from accumulating around the blade and restricting its rotation.
9. Check all cables and belts to make sure that they don't have any kinks or cracks.
10. Prepare your machine for winter, even if it will be inactive for more than a month or so. If any gasoline remains in the mower, add a gasoline stabilizer and run the engine for a minimum of five minutes to circulate the fuel through the fuel system.
A well-maintained lawnmower can give you many years of satisfactory service. Follow these tips and your machine will start more easily, run smoother, cut better and perform to your satisfaction indefinitely.
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