Lawnmower Care

by:Jiali     2020-07-19
Looking after your lawn can be a tedious business if you don't have the right tools. But if you have an efficiently - functioning lawnmower, everything would be much easier. Your front lawn makes a statement to all who passes by and looks at it. It tells a lot about your personality. A neat front lawn would give the observers the impression that the owner of the house observes cleanliness pretty well. I know you want that impression. That is why you work hard or you hire somebody to work hard on keeping your lawn clean and green. This is how you wanted it.
Of course, to be successful in this you must have a lawnmower that would never fail you. A lawnmower that's function efficiently without a problem. It would function this way if you know how to care for it. Caring and maintenance are essential things in any equipment or device. The more you practice proper and regular maintenance and cleaning, the longer the life span of equipment, device or a structure. In our case, the lawnmower would function well in a longer period if we know the proper methods and procedures of proper lawnmower care.
It is essential to follow some of these simple tips that I would give you in caring for your lawnmower. Check this out:
1. Make sure that the gas is fresh. Gas tends to get contaminated over time so make sure that before you use the lawnmower, check the gas or better yet, replace it with fresh gas.
2. Check engine oil. Regular period of oil before changing it is 50 hours depending on the type of lawnmower. Check the manual first to be sure
3. Check the spark plug always. This is mostly the reason why your lawnmower doesn't start. If possible, replace it every 100 hours that you use the lawnmower.
4. The air filter gets dirty all the time and if it is clogged, the engine won't run properly. So check it every 25 hours or every season. Simply take out the air filter and tap it on the ground gently to remove all the dirt. Sometimes, you have to replace the filter with a new one if it's really super dirty.
5. Take care of the blades. A dull blade is no good; it can't cut the grass efficiently. Check it regularly. The best thing to do is to keep it sharp by running it on a grinding wheel regularly. Like every three days or weekly to make sure that it is always sharp.
These steps are simple enough to follow. If you do this you can be sure that your lawnmower's life will be prolonged and it would also be functioning efficiently all the time. Lawnmower care is the most important thing to remember if you want your lawn neat and clean all the time. Take care of your lawnmower like how you take care of yourself and in return it would function in its best.
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