Lawn use standard

by:Jiali     2020-06-18
The lawn trimmer is mainly used for lawn trimming, it is one of the most commonly used garden machinery in landscaping, and it is also a device that is used more frequently in lawn management. Therefore, how to properly use the lawn mower is very important. The above introduces several problems that should be paid attention to in the application, for the operation is the user's reference. 1. Start the initiator (1) Move the gasoline switch to the ON position. ⑵ Place the lawn mower on a level air, and pull the throttle handle to the position of chokes. However, when the engine is hot or the air temperature is high, do not use the choke, you can pull the throttle to LOW or HIGH. (3) Hold the handrail tightly. Pull the starter rope quietly until there is just resistance, then pull the starter rope quickly and bumpy. However, it should be noted that the starter rope should not be pulled backwards to avoid rebound of the starter rope and hurt the starter; nor should the starter rope be wrapped around the hand to avoid the accident of crankshaft reversal. ⑷If the choke is used for starting, once the start is on fire, the throttle should be pulled to the position of the big throttle. After the engine temperature rises, the choke should be closed. ⑸ Regarding the well-started engine, it is recommended to put the throttle at high position to start. 2. Operation of clutch handle For lawn mowers with self-propelled function, the lawn mower can travel only when the clutch handle is close to the handrail. When the clutch handle is lowered, the lawn mower stops. 3. Operation of shifting gears The ordinary gear shifter has two positions, a fast gear (rabbit logo) and a slow gear (turtle logo). According to the needs of the user and the task, choose a suitable gear. Note that only when the lawn mower stops traveling does it shift gears. 4. How to deal with the drowned engine If the engine is not on fire after starting several times, the engine can be drowned. The following disposal methods can be adopted: (1) Move the throttle to the STOP position and close the fuel switch. ⑵Remove the spark plug and wipe it clean. When reinstalling the spark plug, it should be screwed into place by hand before tightening with a spark plug wrench. (3) Move the throttle to the HIGH position and stop using the choke. Turn on the fuel switch and restart the engine. 5. The flameout of the engine gradually moves the throttle to the STOP position, and then the gasoline switch to the OFF position. Pay attention to not suddenly turn off the engine in the high-speed form of the initiator, otherwise it will easily cause poor heat distribution of the initiator and damage the machine. 6. Adjustment of cutting height When adjusting the cutting height, first close the engine, separate the adjustment handle from the adjustment disk, move backward (upward), and move forward (downward) to adjust the cutting height. 7. Use the lawn mower ⑴ Read and abide by the safe operation rules of the lawn machine, pay special attention to the requirements of the operation rules. (1) When using the lawn mower, the grass collecting box should be installed in a suitable position. ⑵Adjust the throttle to the engine speed required for mowing. (3) Standing in front of the lawn mower indirectly, two hands hold the handle tightly. ⑷The way to adjust the cutting height is to gradually adjust the cutting height of the lawn mower from the high position to the low position, and then choose a suitable cutting height. ⑸ Empty the grass in the grass collection box in time, especially when the grass grows vigorously, the grass in the grass collection box will be quickly overflowing. 8. Cleaning In order to make good use of the lawn mower and increase the fire, the lawn mower should stop washing after each use. However, do not flush the engine and its parts indirectly with water pipes. Excessive moisture will slow down the damage of the lawn mower, and it is also easy to form water into the cylinder through the air filter and carburetor, thereby damaging the engine.
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