Introspection before using high stick saw

by:Jiali     2020-06-19
⒈ often check the tension of the saw chain, please close the initiator and wear maintenance gloves when introspecting and adjusting. The suitable tension is that when the chain is hanging on the lower part of the guide plate, the chain can be pulled by hand. ⒉ There must always be a little oil spilled on the chain. Every time before the mission, it is necessary to reflect on the oil level of the chain and the smooth oil tank. If the chain is not smooth, it is relatively impossible to perform tasks. For example, using a boring chain task will cause damage to the cutting and installation. ⒊Do not use old motor oil. Old motor oil can not meet the requirements of smoothness, not suitable for smooth chain. ⒋If the oil level in the fuel tank is not lowered, it can be delivered smoothly. The chain should be introspected smooth and the oil road should be introspected. The cleaned filter screen will also lead to poor smooth oil supply. The smooth oil filter in the connecting pipeline between the oil tank and the pump should be cleaned or replaced. ⒌After changing the new chain of the device, the saw chain needs 2 to 3 minutes of running-in time. After running-in, check the tension of the chain and readjust if necessary. New chains often require more tension than chains that have been used for a while. In cold form, the saw chain must be attached to the lower part of the guide plate, but the saw chain can be moved on the upper guide plate by hand. If necessary, tighten the chain again. When the task temperature is reached, the saw chain shrinks and sags slightly, and the drive link at the lower part of the guide plate cannot be released from the chain slot, otherwise the chain will jump and require the chain to be tensioned again. ⒍The chain must be grasped after the task. The chain expands as it cools, and an unstrained chain can damage the crankshaft and bearings. If the chain is tensioned in the mission configuration, the chain will expand when cooled, and the over-tightening of the chain will damage the crankshaft and bearings.
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