Instructions for starting chain saw operation

by:Jiali     2020-06-19
Chainsaw start 1. Put the mixed oil with good proportion into the gasoline tank, then join the smooth oil of the chain to the oil tank, and tighten the cover firmly. Note: There is a logo under the fuel tank cover, which is usually larger than the oil tank cover. 2. Turn the circuit switch to connect the circuit. Note: The status of the domestic chain saw circuit switch has a 'STOP' off mark. Normally dial up to connect the circuit; dial down to disconnect the circuit. 3. Hold the trigger control arm, press the lock button on the front, and then release the trigger to make it in the starting position. 4. Pull out the damper lever to close the damper. Note: Please put the damper in the 'open' position during hot start. 5. Please hold the front handle of the machine firmly with your left hand, step on the bottom of the first handle with your feet, hold the start handle with your right hand, pull the start rope, and push the damper lever back after the engine has just turned on and turned off. Attention: Don't let go suddenly after pulling to avoid breaking the cover. 6. Pull the start handle again to start the machine. 7. Turn off the chain saw. Let go of the trigger and let the engine idle for a few minutes. Toggle the switch to disconnect the circuit. Carburetor adjustment Before the chain saw leaves the factory, the carburetor has been conditioned, but due to changes in operating conditions, it is necessary to make slender conditioning. Before adjusting the carburetor, ensure that the air filter and fuel filter are clean, the fuel mix is ??novel and the ratio is correct. Follow the steps below: 1. Close the engine, turn the H and L oil needles until they are stationary (note: you can't turn your head!), then turn out the H oil needle 1 turn, and turn out the L oil needle 1 and a half turns to restore the original form. (Commonly, there are three carburetor adjustment holes on the left front of the chain saw. Below is the T idle speed needle, on the left is the L low speed oil needle, and on the left is the H high speed oil needle.) 2. Start the engine; 3. Slowly turn the L oil needle clockwise (rotate clockwise to increase the rotation speed, counterclockwise to rotate out the rotation speed to decrease), find the position of the highest value of the no-load rotation speed, and then turn the L oil needle counterclockwise back a quarter of a circle . 4. Adjust the T screw (turn counterclockwise, idle speed decreases; turn clockwise, idle speed increases), adjust the chain saw to a fluctuating minimum speed, and the chain does not rotate. 5. Adjust the H screw (clockwise, the speed increases, and the torque decreases; counterclockwise, the speed decreases, and the torque increases). It is necessary to make a cutting experiment and pay attention to the role of adjusting the H oil needle to maximize the cutting force. Instead of having the highest speed. (If the mixed gas concentration is lean, the engine speed rises fast, the exhaust sound is loud, and the engine torque is small; if the mixed gas is thick, the engine speed rises slowly, the high speed does not go up, the exhaust sound is active, and thick smoke is emitted. ) View brake Before using the chain saw, you must check whether the chain saw brake assembly can brake normally. When testing the brakes, please immediately release the throttle trigger, so that the chain saw is idling. View chain smooth oil supply Before using the chain saw, it is necessary to reflect on the oil pump oil condition. Pull the trigger to the medium speed throttle, the guide plate is inclined to the air, and smooth oil is sprayed into the air, forming a straight line. The oil output of the chain smooth oil is adjusted by pulling out the hole in the bottom of the clutch side with a screwdriver: rotating clockwise to increase the oil output; rotating counterclockwise to reduce the oil output.
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