How to use the lawn mower correctly

by:Jiali     2020-06-20
1. Safety operation regulations of lawn mower a. Wear leggings, wear rubber shoes, and put on task clothes. b. When the machine is started and running, the blade is not allowed to place messy items and clothing near the left, and no one within 7-8 meters of the radius of the mission area. c. Do not move the running machine. d. During the starting operation, add the load after running at low speed for 1-3 minutes. When it is empty, the high speed is not allowed. 2. Notes on the use of lawn mower a. It is recommended to use oils above 90# for gasoline, and high-quality engine oil is recommended for engine oil; the mixing ratio of the new machine is 1:20 in the first 30 hours and 1:30 after 30 hours. The four-stroke engine must be filled with pure gasoline, with its own oil port to add oil. b. The oil should be changed after 5 hours of use of the new machine, and once again after 10 hours of use, and then changed according to the requirements of the manual. c. Before starting the machine, you need to reflect on the machine (the engine oil level, the amount of gasoline, the air filter performance, the screw tightness, the blade tightness and sharpness level) d. To start the engine in cold state, close the damper first, press the lubricator more than 3 times, and open the throttle to the maximum. Open the damper in time after starting. e. When cutting grass, cut grass along the slope and cut in stages. f. Do not continue the task for more than 4 hours. A 10-minute break is recommended for every 50-minute task. 3. Range of use of lawn mower Rice, wheat, fish grass, sugar cane, etc. are basically used for harvesting crops, and used for mountain, parks, schools, road maintenance, and greening.
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