How to Use Chainsaw Sharpeners

by:Jiali     2020-04-13
In order to keep your chainsaw in good working condition, regular maintenance is necessary and this includes the regular use of chainsaw sharpeners. It is very important to know how to sharpen a chain saw as doing so will save you a lot of time and effort, making your work much more strenuous than it has to be. In addition, it will also make your job safer by decreasing the chance of accidents. This article will introduce you to chainsaw sharpeners and will provide you with some useful tips on how to use them. Before you can sharpen a chain saw blade, you must first know what size the chain is on your saw. Sharpeners, whether they are simple files or a rotary guide stone, come in all different sizes and in order to get the best results you must purchase one that corresponds to the size of your saw. Another thing you need to do to prepare to sharpen a chainsaw blade is to clean your chainsaw blades thoroughly. In order to accomplish this you can purchase a professional grade chemical cleaner, or simply use mineral water if you are on a budget. Just make sure that while you are cleaning you do not get any part of the saw completely saturated; if too much water gets into the engine it can completely ruin it and the surrounding parts. During the cleaning process you should also examine the chain closely to check for any damaged links. They could fly off while the machine is in use and cause injury. Finally, once the preliminary work has been completed you can begin using your chain saw sharpeners. First, make sure that your saw is balanced and supported by laying it down on a flat surface and clamping it so that it is nice and secure. Next, locate the leading cutter which will be the shortest tooth on the entire blade and begin sharpening from here. If there is no leading cutter, simply mark off the first tooth that you sharpen so you know where to stop once you have finished. Once you file every tooth on the first side of the blade with your sharpeners, you will have to flip it over so you can get at the other side easily. Always be careful to adjust your file so that it is at the same angle as the tooth you are sharpening. Even though this can be a tedious job, you will find that once you have finished your saw will cut like it is brand new again and you will not get tired as quickly. Hopefully you now have a better idea of how to sharpen a chainsaw. When you are in the market for sharpeners, you may want to fist consider buying Stihl chainsaw sharpeners as they are one of the most trusted brands of hardware and home improvement equipment.
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