How to use a chain saw

by:Jiali     2020-06-10
Two-stroke mechanical fuel mixing ratio Generally, two-stroke mechanical fuel is mixed with steam engine oil (the engine oil is special oil for two-stroke engine), the ratio is standard, the ratio of steam engine oil is about 25:1, depending on the use, if it is not used for a long time At high speed, the concentration can be appropriately increased. If the high-speed rotation is often maintained during use, the concentration should be appropriately reduced, and more oil should be placed to ensure the normal lubrication of the running parts inside the cylinder. However, the silencer should be removed in time to remove the exhaust The carbon deposits in the channel can prevent the carbon deposits from entering the cylinder block too much and causing the cylinder to pull. Use of chain saw 1. Always check the tension of the saw chain. When checking and adjusting, please turn off the engine and wear protective gloves. The proper tension is that when the chain hangs on the lower part of the guide plate, the chain can be pulled by hand. 2. There must always be a little oil spilled on the chain. Every time before work, the chain lubrication and the oil level of the lubricant tank must be checked. The chain can never work without lubrication. If you work with a dry chain, the cutting device will be damaged. 3. Never use old motor oil. Old engine oil can not meet the lubrication requirements, not suitable for chain lubrication. Kerip chainsaws use imported Origen chains, which are durable and strong. 4. If the oil level in the oil tank does not decrease, it may be that the lubrication and transmission has failed. Check the chain lubrication and check the oil circuit. Passing the contaminated filter will also lead to poor lubricant supply. The lubricant filter in the connection pipe between the tank and the pump should be cleaned or replaced. 5. After replacing and installing a new chain, the saw chain needs 2 to 3 minutes of running-in time. Check the chain tension after running-in. If necessary, readjust, the new chain needs to be carried out more often than the chain that has been used for a while Tension. In cold conditions, the saw chain must be attached to the lower part of the guide plate, but you can move the saw chain on the upper guide plate by hand. If necessary, tension the chain again. When the operating temperature is reached, the saw chain expands slightly and sags. The transmission link cannot be taken out of the chain slot, otherwise the chain will jump, and the chain needs to be retensioned. 6. The chain must be relaxed after work. The chain shrinks as it cools, and a chain that does not loosen will damage the crankshaft and bearings. If the chain is tensioned under working conditions, the chain will shrink when cooled, and over-tightening the chain will damage the crankshaft and bearings.
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