How To Spot Amusing Amateurs - What Not To Do

by:Jiali     2020-04-16
You refill the gas and chain-oil and begin to clean under the chain guard. You blow off the spark plug, air filter and chain saw carburetor.A� Replace the chain guard and tighten the Husqvarna chainsaw chain perfectly snug so that it flexes just enough when you pull it off the bar... There are some good points mentioned above as steps to getting a chain-saw ready for work. Unfortunately, when amateurs work on their saws they tend to think they are doing the things mentioned in this paragraph when in reality they fail to accomplish the proper safety settings and usually end up with a chainsaw that's less work ready than before they 'fixed' it (note the sarcasm). Next accessory up is your trusty chain saw sharpener, a small round file that you push through each blade on the chain to sharpen the saw. The file came with a guide when you bought the sharpening kit but you threw that away, guides are for losers anyhow... As we look at the amateur's decision to throw away his/her file guide, a bit of arrogance can be detected to imply the amateur's way of omitting the steps he/she finds to be difficult regardless of their lack of results. In this case, the disposal of the file guide and the lack of having sharp teeth on the chain (as discussed later on). Many amateurs make this mistake and still fail to make the connection between not using a file guide and still having a dull chain after sharpening. After a few minutes of pulling the starting cable, you realize the on-switch is set to 'off' so you make the minor correction. It starts. The smell when you just start up a Husqvarna chainsaw for the first time of the day is unlike any other experience.A� That distinct odour fills the crisp air. Everything is set and you're ready to do some tree cutting, so you glance over at your wife.A� She's holding the camera because you are finally going to cut down that old tree by your house and she knows how valuable it could be to have live footage of you screwing something up.A� 'No problem, I got this', you reassure all the onlookers in the area, 'I know what I'm doing'.A� It seems easy enough, all you gotta do is cut a chunk out of the front and then a small cut from the back.A� 'It's Simple, just take a breath', you tell yourself. You rev your 18' chainsaw a few times, it feels good.A� You feel powerful.A� A welcomed feeling of confidence surges through your veins.A� It feels so good, you throw a thumbs-up out to the crowd.A� Hold it nice and high, give them what they want.A� It is a show after all and you are going to cut this tree down!A� Here we go. You press the chain saw blade up against the bark and begin your first cut.A� Feels stiff, 'is the chain is dull?A� That can't be', you say to yourself, 'I just ran the file through it this morning'.A� No time for chainsaws sharpening now, the crowd is waiting and you didn't get everything set up just to disappoint them all now.A� You'll just have to push a little harder... Amateurs express a great deal of showmanship while they work in an attempt to build their confidence by using any onlookers in the area. In contrast, if a tree expert was in the same situation he wouldn't even want the crowd there because experience would have taught him/her about Newton's Law: What ever can go wrong, will go wrong especially if somebody's watching. First cut is done.A� The wedge-shaped gap you cut in the front of the tree looks a little sloppy but hey, you're no professional.A� You don't have the time to make it look pretty, you just need to get the job done.A� Begin your back-cut.A� The chain saw blade is cutting even slower now, you wonder if it's just because of the way you're holding the husky chain saw.A� Maybe if you move the saw back and forth and twist it around the tree.A� Yeah, that helps... Another common mistake made by amateurs is failing to recognize when their chain is dull. There are many risks at play when someone uses a dull bladed tool to cut things. Amateurs do not know the risks and, if they think they are making any progress at all, will continue to use a dull saw for hours just thinking there's something else wrong with their chain saw. Just a little further... it's gonna go any time now... there it goes!A� Wait a minute... Ohhhhh $#@%!A� Maybe you should leave this part out of your chainsaw review... Of course the easiest way to spot an amateur cutting down trees is the results they produce. If something important gets crushed by the tree, you can pretty much guarantee that amateur had no idea what they were doing.
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